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jokes kanye west donald trump trump sux

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jokes kanye west donald trump trump sux
Leo won an Oscar. Donald trump is a presidential candidate. Kanye West is bankrupt. Do anything you want in 2016. Anything is possible.
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donald trump trump Trump2016
Reasons the signs SHOULDNT vote Donald Trump
Aries: he’s anti-muslim Taurus: he’s antisemitic Gemini: he’s a rapist Cancer: he’s homophobic Leo: his nasty ass hair Virgo: he’s anti-immigrant Libra: he’s pro-life Scorpio: he’s anti-women Sagittarius: he’s racist Capricorn: he’s sexist Aquarius: he’s a pig Pisces: Bernie Sander...
Every time donald trump comes up in conversation I make damn sure to mention that he’s a violent rapist. I don’t want anyone forgetting that.
Donald Trump
I’m in fucking danger guys. He wants to take out the amendment that makes immigrants’ children a U.S. citizen and deport those families where the parents are illegal. Please stop supporting him as a joke. Please stop thinking that his racism and sexism is funny. Take this upcoming presid...
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