• daily reminder that the boy you’re in love with at 16 probably won’t matter when you&#82... just a thought poems I don't know that really wasn't a poem but like an important one and it had rhythm and stuff theperksofbeing-kate •

daily reminder that the boy you’re in love with at 16 probably won’t matter when you’re 25.

daily reminder that the math test you failed your freshman year of high school probably won’t matter when you’re graduating college.

daily reminder that the problems you’re facing today may seem like the worlds end, but they will not matter in a year.

daily reminder that you’re going to be okay.

everything is going to be okay.

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my stuff stiles stilinski derek hale Sterek not love Now don't get me wrong They are nothing like the notebook but... at the same time they have developed some sort of crazy thing but this thing where they protect and save and put the other ahead of themselves even though the only thing between them up until a certain point really is scott... they don't necessarily KNOW one another and still they continue to do the insane and I think something they have in common not only knowing what it's like to loose someone- but they just have an understanding and I think they can read one another when it comes to the important things /adds to the list of things I post at 3 am so no one actually sees it (on purpose... there's more to the quote but I'm too lazy to go back and add it)
sorry soul eater this scene was sad the first time i saw this but after a really terrible semester and an even worse summer it really hit home seeing it now because it's strange to think about it from this perspective but when you hate yourself and you hurt yourself and you wake up every day thinking you don't deserve to you are hurting yourself and sometimes it's the worst kind of hurt because YOU know all your weak spots and you are hurting someone's friend and i think that's important to remember would you go up to someone and call them weak and ugly and worthless and all the names you call yourself when you feel down? like would you do that to your friend??? that's how i started thinking about it i wouldn't want to hurt and hate someone the way i despised myself and that's what i remind myself when i wake up and wish i hadn't i think it's important for people to remember that they deserve the same respect and courtesy and affection they afford to their friends ... ... and loved ones you know?? wow i feel really cheesy and sappy saying all this but at least it's in the tags!!!
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"I want you to bite my lip until I can no longer speak. And...
“I want you to bite my lip until I can no longer speak. And ...
YouTube my stuff charlie mcdonnell charlieissocoollike you know anyway igif charlie is so cool like charles joseph mcdonnell you know; cause only the five first tags count and stuff i'm really happy for charlie like seriously happy khjfsdkjlgha being the persn that he is; i'm sure it was not easy for him to do this IT'S JUST WEIRD THAT IT'S WEIRD! i loved the video i loved bryaly and i don't care if this was giffed a million times he loves her he's my baby and i needed to do this okay? thank you :3
* Damon x Elena major delena feelings everytime i listen to this song okay idgaf if it's hanson the lyrics are so freaking hidfkcndjfjdso and idk that part reminds me of that scene it gets even more painful when you think he was so close to giving up on his own life he literally thought he had no more reason to fight and then he thought of her he remembered the first time they ever met and how that night changed him forever and it gets so much worse if you compare it to 2x22 because here you can see that he still wasn't ready to die there was nothing he could do to save himself back then but this time he can do something; he can fight back and then that memory... that only exists in his head reminded him of how much he'd miss if he simply accepted death he just wants to be with her no matter how much it hurts him to know his love will never be enough for her (at least in his mind) so he gets up and fights maybe not for him but for her because he made her a promise to never leave her again because loving her is the only thing that makes him feel alive and that would never change he would protect her just like he said to katherine analyzing it from another perspective his death would make no sense after all his arc throughout the show so many moments wrapped up in a single scene all his previous choices led him to decide he would not die that night because if he had chosen differently he wouldn't have met her and his life would have been pure darkness and misery nothing to turn around and look back to we know he'd do things us damon fans are not proud of but leaving elena unprotected is not and will never be an option she is his priority even though he isn't hers (for now) fucking feels jfc this can't be healthy i'm just gonna go
I just want you all to know that if there’s anything that triggers you and you want me to tag certain posts so you can blacklist them, then just drop me an ask or whatever because it’s no hassle for me ok 
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1k spoilers mine shame Michael Fassbender Steve McQueen screenplays final scenes oh wow I haven't made one of these in ages I think the last one i made was a couple months ago oops Lucy Walters Abi Morgan shame* DELETE THE COMMENTARY IF YOU WANT NO NEED TO ASK ME i don't even know if it makes sense it's late ok anyway i'm going to sleep now