• i just wanted to make a master post on justin bieber and the constant hate he gets, lets just clear ... * justin bieber reblogs this plese because i took about three hour writing this and i just want to prove my point okay pls okay frickfrackingwithjustinbieber •

i just wanted to make a master post on justin bieber and the constant hate he gets, lets just clear some things up shall we,


it wont be long i promise, you wont regret this.

as you may know justin bieber is a 19 year old popstar might of or might of not got famous in the music industry because of a song called baby that came out in 2010, he was just 15, now the kid gets a lot of hate, some people have reasonable claims on why they do and some, dont.

and i wanted to clear some thing up, because some people seem to believe everything they here, now lets start,

  • He said rape happens for a reason: this isn’t true, this all started when he had an interview with rolling stone magazine when he was only 17, they switched up his words, the magazine itself admitted that they did and apologized not only to him but to the public, so that not true,
  • He wrote in the guest book at Anne Frank’s house that he “wishes she was a belieber”: now i seriously don’t see whats wrong with that, but for some reason what he said became to much of a controversy, Anne Frank is such an inspirational person, and obviously what he meant is that if she were alive today and was a fan of his music it would of meant a lot to him, even Anne Frank’s step sister defended Justin herself, but no one seems to care about that, 
  • When asked to try being a vegan, he gagged and spat out a vegan steak that had been specially ordered for him: i guarantee you that this is absolutely false, there was no restaurant that confirmed that it happened, you might think there doesn’t have to be but think about it, if it really happened, some restaurant would of said so, and if it did happened, take to mind that there people that don’t like all types of food, make sure to check your sources when it come to justin bieber rumors,  
  • He makes his fans pay tons of money to see him live: the ticket prices are not up to him or his management but the arena its self that he is performing in, i mean there are artist and musicians that have concert tickets for way more than he does, if you want to complain about that, complain about it to the arenas not justin bieber himself because he has no say in this.
  • He went to a children’s hospital in England and was talking to a nurse who was working there when Justin Bieber visited the hospital. He made them clear an area for him so he didn’t have to wait around near the sick children, he then spent about 5 minutes with them whilst the cameras were on and left without so much as a thank you:  once again this is false, he goes to hospitals all the time, every chance he gets and we never get complains about him, hes an absolutely sweet heart to the children that are hospitalized, and the same goes with the staff, he even made a 6 year old girl named Avalanna Routh dream come true, she was suffering from cancer, she was sick, so don’t come telling me that he didn’t like to be near sick children because that is absolutely false and it sad that people would make anything up in this world so this kid could get more hate then he already gets, but sadly she closed her eyes way to soon, may she rest in peace.image
  • Someone’s coworker did security for him once. He faked a really bad asthma attack and made them call the paramedics and then laughed his ass off when they came through the door. His people talked the paramedics into not saying anything because you can go to jail for that apparently: apparently, they said it, dont believe everything you hear about the kid. there absolutely no proof.
  • He  called for a car to take him to the mall and didn’t like the color so he sent it back. And then he went to the mall and stayed 5 minutes before saying it was the shittiest mall he’d ever been in: one thing i wont get from this rumor is the fact that this boy has like 5 cars that he owns and people are saying that he called out for a car, lets be real here, this kid is not dumb enough to do something like this, this is false.
  • He’s banned from Walt Disney world for punching out Goofy: aw c’mon maybe he was just goofing around, you get it?, you get it? okay maybe my joke wasn’t that funny but  he never punched goofy, he loves Walt Disney and he goes there all the time, why would he get him self banned if he loves the place so much, hes there a lot with his family, its just not true, but i still think my joke was pretty funny.
  • Not only does he me make his fans pay tons of money for a concert, but on a school night, he didn’t even show up until half way through the scheduled time: okay this one is true buti promise you that this wasn’t his fault, originally there are two opening acts for his concert but that day there were three, there were also some technical problems to top it all off, which made him come out and perform later than he usually does, it wasn’t his fault
  • He spat in an old man’s face: where is everyone getting these rumors from, once again this is not true.
  • He spits on his fans: ah your talking about this picture that’s been surfing the internet lately                                                        image sorry for the low quality, not really the picture is fake, tmz photo shopped this picture to make it seem as if he spat on his fans, you’re surprised? well you shouldn’t be, but have some common sense, if he did spit off the balcony, it wouldn’t have landed on his fans, in order to get a view of him, and i’m sure that’s what they wanted. you have to be a certain distance from the balcony. Don’t you? well thank you. now lets move on.
  • He’s quoted as screaming ‘Fuck Bill Clinton!’ to cameras and peed in a mop bucket in a restaurant: well this is not exactly a rumor, yes this actually happened and we even have proof about it but why is it such a big deal, because hes a 19 year old pop star and there for he should be prefect, that he should be a role model for children out there, he signed a contract to be a musician and an artist not some role model that everyone expects  from him, and for the parents who want a role model for their children, it should be them selves not some 19 year old kid, like i said hes 19, and hes a teenager, and teenagers tend to be really stupid at one point or another, but he handled it all too well, he gave Bill Clinton a call and apologized for his irresponsible actions, and guess what Mr. Bill Clinton himself accepted his apology, what he did wasn’t right, but lets move on, would you like the world to talk about your intoxicated teen moments? i’m pretty sure they were embarrassing, oh and by the way here a gif of him pissing in the bucket, it could come pretty useful on tumblr, just saying.                 image
  • He smokes weed: puff puff pass mother fucker, image okay i’m kidding, and yes he got busted for it but that’s not the point here, the point his that there are a lot of people who smoke weed out there, so him smoking it doesn’t make it any different, not the healthiest, but i honestly don’t see the harm in this but every one has there own opinions. oh well (lol 420 blaze it)
  • When he went to Vermont, he was kicked out of every single business he went in.  IHOP, Walmart, Hannafords, everywhere.  He went to the movie theater and threw a temper tantrum when told he couldn’t bring his subway sandwich into the theater, as it was against the rules.  He then made a HUGE mess of the theater and had to be carried out by his bodyguard kicking and screaming about how they were all worthless monkeys: my homie. hes nineteen not twelve, don’t tell me your stupid enough to believe this, c’mon.
  • He pretends to be black: but black people are cooool. they’re the homies. i seriously don’t know what to say about this so lets move on.
  • Every girl wants him: well what can i tell you he making it rain. image plus look at him how can they not (x)
  • He’s a spoiled little brat, a self centered douche, only thinks about him self and not others: this is absolutely false, hes always giving back to the community. donating tons of money to many different charities, he was just awarded as the youngest musician out there to grant the most wishes by Make A Wish Foundation, hes always visiting children at hospitals, stopping outside for fans no matter what time of day it is, it could 12pm in the afternoon or 4am in the morning, hes always grateful of what he has, and if you have met him yourself and he might of done something to make you think of him this way, i’m pretty sure hes sorry, not everyone is in a happy mood at all times. heres a few out of all of the thing he has done (x)(x)
  • Hes attacked several photographers: i mean how would you feel if there’s about 20 or more photographers shoving cameras at your face just to get a decent picture of you, they practically live of this kid, he needs some space at times, just like everyone in this world does. and if you say that he should get used to his fame, no matter who you are, no mater what you got, no one in this world would ever get used to the fact that they would never have enough privacy in there life. that’s just how it is.
  • He judges people for listening to heavy metal: He listens to this type of music himself, so… 
  • He hates his fans, he doesn’t appreciate them:                 why image would imagesomeone imagethinkimageaboutimageaimagesuchimagethingimage there actually a lot more, its just to many to add on here, like just look at him being all silly with his fans, he actually feels comfortable around them aw, how sweet but lets move on.
  • wait here another one i’m sorry but this is sweet okay image

    and this one i promise the last one image

  • update: He helped build a school in Guatemala,image                                                      he even gave a kid his shoes because he didnt have any image you should see this, he a great kid (x), here the little angel he talk about (x), and here them celebrating, he even game a kid his sunglasses (x)

  • there alson rumors of him making his body gaurds carry him up the great wall of china, as you can see here (x) , now that complete bull shit, it was just for the video he was shooting there, his crew keep him humbled, never let him get away with things, he has one of the best crews out there because they actually care for him, he did not make them carry him the entire time. (which people are so hard headed to believe this, like lets be real what dumb ass is going to want to carry a fucking 19 almost 20 year through the whole walk across the great wall of china, like c’mon)
  • he went to a brothel: theres so many twists to this story which i don’t know which one people believe the most, i’m not going to say it was right of him but then again we don’t know the whole truth, also hes justin bieber, a young attractive male with lots of money and fame why would he think that he needs to pay someone in order to get laid?? it doesn’t really add up, and i’m not trying to glorify him but lets use our common sense how many girl are out there that want to get laid by justin bieber. Lil twist has also said on twitter that this was scooter brauns (justins manager) plan for a pr stunt which i think is completely stupid and ignorant, but once again we don’t know the whole truth so who are we to judge, and for people that are saying that this is a complete disrespect for women in justins part, who were the ones to legalize prostitution? alrighty then
  • okay that enough for today, basically this 19 year old boy gets so much hate for dumb reasons, some are not even true, give him a chance, i promise you hes not a bad person, and after you’ve read this and you still feel the same way about him, then i hope your heart would soften and see all the positive instead of the negative, i hope you all have a nice day, bless y’all :) x image

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