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Kai kim jongin exo kai suho kim junmyeon EXO Jongin exo suho
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exo Kai kim jongin exo kai EXO Jongin kai exo jongin exo jongin kim
Chanyeol: hey bro wanna smell my sweater?Baekhyun: uhh?Chanyeol: you know what it’s made of?Baekhyun: uhh polyester? Chanyeol: nope, boyfriend material.
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eating gummy candy the cute couple feed the adorable 5 year old the noodle slurping and NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM
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PathcodeEXO UNCOVERED!! Finally ^.^
Well, it turns out that everything is less complicated than you think, people! Thanks to a question someone made me yesterday I realized that we just need to make memory since MAMA era and put the puzzle together (btw thank u anonymous!). Well, here I go…First, apparently they’ve been t...
  • Kai:*laughs*
  • Kai's brain:hit the person next to you
  • Kai:but-
  • Kai's brain:just do it
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