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oh my god

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kids Funny shit i'm weeping
kanye vest
scary pretty doctor who hipster myedit nice :3 ehehehe weeping angel sorry not sorry did you shit yourself? I'm EVIL! muhahahah
get it cuz he’s hero of time
Let black children keep their childhoods. Let black children keep their lives.
i'm weeping
doctor who mine the doctor David Tennant weeping angels don't blink i regret nothing hacked ah the things i make when i'm supposed to be revising and now to tag the shit out of this don't click
Not tryna start shit but I'm really beautiful and funny and great to be around
2 years ago I was a fucking mess & now I’m a fucking mess, just at peace with it and a pot head.
only came to the realization now that if the Statue of Liberty is a weeping angel guess what other country is also fucked?
gif funny The Hunger Games katniss everdeen jennifer lawrence this is shit Jimmy Kimmel Live but i've gotta admit i lol'ed i think i'm funny
1k funny mine Scrubs 20k john dorian this show the more you know i'm dying fave posts DON't smother your kids my fallen idol scrubs 5x21