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Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

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KKHH im watching this nd crying smfh
im done SMFH
Fanart gravity falls dipper pines mabel pines bill cipher ive been binge watching this this year smfh
exo exo k D.O. Kyungsoo d.o okay sorry ugghhhh lyn work lyn gif exo nd lmao this is so funny but i fqng predicted this part im crying so bad about this last night im torn between uploading this shiet while reading a baekyeol fic fq ugh i just love reading smut fics /cries once im over uploading i'd dive back into readin
do u know when you watch your first mv of your favorite group again and you remember how it was to fall in love with them and learn their names and everything and you just cry for a few minutes 
art atla katara avatar the last airbender im watching avatar and im crying
original carrie im watching this right now
1k * MY EDIT Sebastian Stan i can't take it anymore cry with me sebstanedit sebastian stan edit nobucky this is why i cry at night watching his interviews i can't handle any more of his nerd face i have a problem and im crying
Harry Styles my edits caroline flack haroline im crying i've been dying to make this edit for so long it was so sad watching all these videos
remember that time two guys kissed on the mouth on nickelodeon?
australia face gig Wollongong nd neck deep im in this it makes me happy
bts gifs* jimin Bangtan yoongi theyre so cute im crying yoonmin also these r so ugly but ive jst been in an idec anymore mood lately fjcnd there's no point in the 2nd gif either I jst gave up nd used tht one