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So, it’s just like “When Harry Met Sally,” but I get to play Meg Ryan.

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Awkward awkward. 2x12 Jake Rosati Awkwardgif
1k spoilers Teen Wolf mine: gif 2x12
blaine anderson $ and the glee girls uwu
1k spoilers Teen Wolf mine: gif 2x12 this scene siodfiaus killed me
when others say i make them happy i just
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“What’s that?” “I’m decorating Pavarotti’s casket”
~ community John Oliver ian duncan barrowmans for maggie uwu
to the people that follow me on tumblr that i know irl
damon salvatore 2x01 tvd 1x09 gif* 2x20 2x22 2x08 2x12 3x18 Okay? 3x20 I don't know why I like to torture myself my poor baby damon
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