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Before glee starts up again, I’d like to remember a few things that happened this hiatus:

  • The end of Little Numbers
  • The skank!kurt trend
  • “I feel like Darren’s mouth is always on mine” (x)
  • When Ryan Murphy got Twitter
  • Following Ryan Murphy to get The Box Scene (with completely legitimate twitter accounts, what are you talking about?)
  • The Box Scene, and all the deleted scenes released afterwards
  • The day Chris tweeted “Darren’s penis” (x)
  • Being jealous of all the people who met Chris at signings (while at the same time extremely happy for them)
  • All the interviews with Chris we got because of TLOS press
  • The giant book of Chris Colfer Love (x)
  • The day we thought we were liveblogging a cute double date but ended up liveblogging a potential breakup
  • But hey, at least we got some good reconciliation!sex and friends-with-benefits fics from that?
  • Chris and Darren sharing a trailer on set - I think that puts to rest rumours that they’re not friends, am I right?
  • The New Normal
  • I believe in happy endings
  • The Tweet about a Notebook-style kiss (x)
  • When Ryan Murphy read and acknowledged the Glee Equality Project’s manifesto (x)
  • When Darren asked Chord to “Hold my Boobies at the TCAs (x)
  • All the lucky LeakyCon-goers who got to see A Very Potter 3D: A Very Potter Senior Year, and Darren crying at the end of it
  • Imogene news and all the interviews from TIFF
  • Fashion Night Out and the FNO PSA Video
  • Darren growing out his hiatus beard again
  • Comic Con 2012
  • Imogene getting sold to Lionsgate (x)
  • Chris’s Mr Porter Photoshoot (x)
  • Spending the summer jealous of Brian because he gets to sleep with Chris
  • The Land of Stories going to number one on the New York Times best seller list
  • Tweets that started Chris Colfer sex riots (x)(x)
  • Matt Mitcham fanboying at Chris Colfer following him (x)
  • Watching the MTV Movie Awards to get a glimpse of Chris but at least we got his Hunger Games Audition
  • Seeing the inside of Chris’s bedroom, with him discussing S&M and him calling us perverts (x)
  • “Blow me” (x)
  • Darren joining Starkid at Apocalyptour  - and who can forget the pink shorts? (x)
  • 21

So hey, the three months without glee were actually rather amazing

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