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I always wonder "If I were to die, how would my internet friends find out?"
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When you decide to die, little things begin to happen. You stop looking both ways before you cross t...
SHINee's rolling paper
Write what you’ve been annoyed with or had a problem about with this member. If you write praise or “nothing” we’ll assume that you’re awkward with them~ TaeminJonghyun: Taeminnah… Sorry for being mean to you when you wore my hat that one time. But please tell me...
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so cute elephants i love them
This is in response to the following message I received rece...
Cuando vuelvo del colegio un viernes:
”Its friday la puta madre! Fun,fun,fun!”
¿Por qué no te compras un lindo vestidito y nos vamos a emborrachar por ahí, y te digo esas cosas que no te dijeron nunca? Te vas a olvidar ...