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It is a common misconception, that the terrorists are trying to [convert us to their religion]. if that was their purpose, they would use en...
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paris prayforparis la ville lumiere jesuisparis my heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy mes condoléances à toutes les familles des victimes and please stay safe everyone
Paris attacks
For my non-Europe followers, there has been (what seems to be) an organized terrorist attack in Paris, France.Bombs went off at a soccer stadion1 or 2 suspects shot at people in a diner60 dead according to French sourcesanother 60 injured at leastthey have mentioned a decapitation at the stadion Abo...
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guys as someone who technically “works” in the “field” of “journalism” please please please i would like you to remember that by the time you see a news item on tumblr it is likely to be hours old (at least).for example i’m still seeing a lot of posts saying “pray for the people killed in the Japan ...
Anyone who needs urgent shelter should use the #porteouverte hashtag on social medias, people are browsing it. If you are already safe, DON’T MOVE. Don’t try and reach anyone by yourself. Police’s words._Si vous avez besoin d’un abri en urgence, utilisez le hashtag #porteouverte sur les réseaux so...
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