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“An army of Latino celebrities have signed a letter imploring their fellow Latino voters not to support Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush or any other major Republican candidate.

George Lopez, Aubrey Plaza, Zoe Saldana, Carlos Santana, America Ferrera, Benjamin Bratt and Ivonne Coll were among the 22 signatories of the letter, which was drafted and posted online by the watchdog group People for the American Way.

“From accusing Mexicans of being rapists to kicking Jorge Ramos out of his press conference, Trump has spent the entirety of his presidential bid stoking unfounded anti-immigrant fears and deeply offending our communities,” the missive reads.

“We must not, though, let Trump’s xenophobia overshadow the extreme policies being pushed by every single one of the GOP’s leading presidential candidates. Latinos should understand that Donald Trump embodies the true face of the entire Republican Party. Sadly, he speaks for the GOP’s anti-immigrant, anti-Latino agenda.”

The letter goes on to indict the entire field of candidates, accusing them of using “dangerous, divisive rhetoric and proposed harmful policies in their efforts to win over Trump’s radical supporters.”

Read the full piece here

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