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I dream about having a house by the water and not doing anything, not feeling ambitious, nor having the need to make money.
gif edit stuff King Lee Pace look at him omg Happy Birthday my angel i'm just gonna express myself on the tags Lee you mean so much to me You're just a sweet angel I'm actually happy that you're such a private guy because it makes me 2949 more happy to hear from you Your fans are so adorable You're lucky they are so sweet and amazing Your acting is wonderful I just cannot wait to see you winning an Oscar one day and I'll be there screaming on my TV 'YOU DID IT' and being immensely proud of you Cause you made it ily Pace i'll just post that now because it's midnight in France and since everyone from the Hobbit fandom is having a Lee moment
made by me Lee Pace Pushing Daisies Ellen Greene Swoosie Kurtz me: pushing daisies i have just started watching this blame lee pace
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Lee Pace why is this so attractive?