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[CLOSED] StarsForVIXX: 2 Year Anniversary Intl Fan Project For VIXX

StarsForVIXX (short for Starlights For VIXX) is a fanmade project by international fans in order to celebrate VIXX’s debut anniversary on May 24.

VIXX’s second year anniversary is on May 24, 2014! Join international Starlights in making a donation in VIXX’s name. Let’s show the world the difference that VIXX and Starlights can all make together!

GOAL: Donate to Salvation Army under StarsForVIXX in honor of VIXX’s two-year anniversary 

METHOD: VIXX goods raffle

WHO: Anyone!

PRIZES: Each $3.00 USD amount donation is an entry to win one of these great prizes! The higher the amount you donate, the more entries you get in the raffle and increase your chance of winning. (For example, if you donate $6 then you qualify for 2 entries in the raffle and if you donate $20, then you qualify for 6 entries in the raffle and so on.)

  • Grand prize: Signed VIXX Voodoo album (goes to a random winner!)
  • Runner-up: VIXX slogan (goes to the highest, non-winning donor)
  • Random prizes: Twenty-two VIXX albums (15 VOODOO albums, 7 HYDE albums)

    *if the highest donor would prefer the slogan, we will switch the grand prize and second runner-up prizes!

HOW:  To participate in the raffle, please do the following!

  1. Fill out this form and e-mail it to starsforvixx @ gmail.com:

    Full Name: 
    Where are you from (Country):
    How much did you donate (in $ USD):

    What is your physical mailing address (to mail you a prize if you win in the raffle): 
    Preferred album choice (VOODOO or HYDE):

  2. Send (Minimum donation amount: $3.00 USD, $ USD only) donation [EDITED]. You can send any amount and please send as “Sending money to family or friends” in regards to covering fees for the donation. Any donation under $3.00 USD does not qualify for the raffle.
  3. When your donation and information has been confirmed, your name will be added to the raffle and to this page, where all donors will be listed!


  • Donation period runs from: February 23, 2014 until April 12, 2014 (11:59 PM CST, Central Standard Time).
  • All donors names will be listed on the StarsForVIXX’s Starlights page and a list of donor names will be included with a proof of donation, sent to VIXX via mail, in May!
  • If your fan site or blog would like to help with the project by making a donation as a site, please message us! We will also include these names in the list, and hope that by working together a bigger donation can be made!
  • Any questions can be sent to StarsForVIXX tumblr, e-mail (starsforvixx @ gmail.com) or StarsForVIXX twitter

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