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  • Enjolras:Is this simply a game for a rich young boy to play?
  • Marius:You are richer than me.
  • Enjolras:
  • Marius:
  • Combeferre:
  • Courfeyrac:
  • Enjolras:I came out here tonight to have a fun time and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now

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  • act 1:bread
  • act 2:dead
les mis les miserables Enjolras cosette les amis de l'abc jean valjean Eponine Marius Pontmercy grantaire les amis jehan Jean Prouvaire les miserabes
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les mis les miserables Enjolras cosette courfeyrac les amis de l'abc jean valjean Eponine les amis jehan Jean Prouvaire
  • Victor Hugo:*in the afterlife, banging pans together* UGLY! I SAID HE WAS UGLY! *points at Hadley Fraser* WHAT IS THIS?? *sees George Blagden* whaT THE FUKC
Les Misérables AU where everything is the same except instead of Red & Black, Marius and Grantaire drape themselves over Pont des Arts and sing Agony from Into the Woods.
Les Miserables  Les Miserables 10th Anniversary
Taking a small break from all the Hamilton posting to appreciate some more tradi...
star wars indiana jones harrison ford im sorry for this tag urself meme also this is like a summary of 2016 for me so far
i thought i would list some of The Best les mis quotes okay here goes“being thus ironical and bald, he was the leader”“beware! his hair filled with wrath, is epic”“brushing one’s teeth is at the top of a ladder whose bottom is the loss of one’s soul”“they amused themselves with puns which were consi...
When you’re also the trash of the thing