• let me be free please for the love of god stop reblogging this just take the image and repost it I don't care elentaari •
let me be free please for the love of god stop reblogging this just take the image and repost it I don't care



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let me be free please for the love of god stop reblogging this just take the image and repost it I don't care
stop fucking reblogging this akaperfect STOP ITS A JOKE ITS NOT MU POST I'm just gonna put an explanation in the tags okay so Carson texted me this and I was like haha i just reblogged this cause I had just reblogged this post at the time and so i posted it for like one second and I thought it would be ok because no one ever reblogs my posts but of course people reblogged it and now it has notes and I am really sorry bc im not trying to steal this post at all I am really upset and I feel bad so that is all I am going to say please do not reblog this
mine Submarine cross stitch Submarine film FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T FUCKING REPOST THIS SHIT
le casual doodling hiddlesworth thorki thorloki thorxloki thunderfrost yeaaahhh it's that time of the month again please share and thanks
thanks WEH creamsicle got i want to curl into fetal position i think i started a fucking meme on tumblr holy fuck
MY EDIT LOTR Frodo Baggins Samwise Gamgee lotredit frodo x sam hahah i don't care everyone and their grandmother made a gifset for these two with this quote the ways we can read those words when it comes to these two blow my mind   every day don't disappear don't give in don't lose yourself don't give up don't forget home don't forget who you are don't forget us don't go where i can't   follow for i will go to hell and back and it will be our doom and i will still hold your hand and be grateful and love you like i never did anyone else frodo is made of dreams he's made of different matter magic light glow of sun and stars and in sam's view he's never really within sam's grasp he's got his head full of dreams and yearnings and then shadows and defeaning whispers and sam's there the rock solid ground sheltering force SO THAT DREAMS WON'T MAKE HIM RUN AWAY AND ESCAPE HOME AND SO THAT DARKNESS WON'T DEVOUR HIM IN THE END but he never really catches him he never really has him in his arms BELONGING AND WHOLE frodo is chasing thrills sam's there to always keep him safe frodo is being taken by the ring sam's there to never let it entirely happen but in the end it's always an echo a wisp of smoke a memory of who frodo used to be that runs through his fingers to never really be his for frodo never really comes back from his 'adventure' AND YET frodo offers him the book HIS ENTIRE LIFE IN THE WRITTEN FORM like in the end he says I HAD ALWAYS BEEN YOURS SAMWISE GAMGEE YOU MADE ME YOU SHAPED ME YOU HAD ME ALL take care of me like you always did and then follow me one last time and sam does of course he does long post (sorry i'm suddenly addicted to 500px)
Misha Collins doodles im so sad acklescollins puppycastiel weloveyoumisha manateeparty ghostral poor mish my lil cupcake pls stay safe honey bunch vicki and the kids must be so worried pls just take care of yourself for ONCE god this man is too kind for his own good its 4:10 am and im wondering why bad things always happen to good people the world isnt fair
* fili *gif dean o'gorman my sun and stars hobbitedit i love you so much and you deserve all the best in your life god please just be happy forever and never stop being as wonderful as you are now ;__; sorry idk how to tag this don't punish me pls thanks *thcastgif *dogif
Katy Perry stop reblogging this for the love of god
Personal setlock let's be civil
gifs mine Black and White lyrics care gd homecoming Green Day Billie Joe Armstrong Mike Dirnt Tre Cool bullet in a bible i don't care Jesus of suburbia gd gifs OMG THIS TOOK ME YEARS SO REBLOG THIS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
have you ever found a line in a book or song that resonates in your bones and you just want to paint it on your walls and tattoo it across every inch of your body