• reading a good fanfic that suddenly has smut in it levi yodeling aggressively sOMETIMES PEOPLE DON'T WARN AND IT'S LIKE A SWEET SURPRISE leviiackerman •

reading a good fanfic that suddenly has smut in it

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reading a good fanfic that suddenly has smut in it
find out your friend has a tumblr find out it’s a hipster blog
You’re walking in the woods There’s no one around And you just said a trigger Out of the corner of your eye You spot him KANKRI VANTAS
1k Merlin SUE ME merthur gwaine mine: gifset merlin rewatch 2013 Merlin Rewatch yes I quoted Sherlock can I also add that Arthur is being strangled by some thug at this moment like it's pretty serious and what does he do? he searches for Merlin in the crowd to see if he's okay and he shouts to warn him WHILE BEING STRANGLED GUYS
james mcavoy Michael Fassbender mcfassynating edit McFassy fassyedit mcavoyedit wow it's been a while since i've edited anything for this blog
it's always sunny in philadelphia nsfw text It's always sunny charlie kelly dennis reynolds iasip frank reynolds Dee Reynolds long post slur warn Mac McDonald i guess lmao scopophobia / this took so long so u better believe im tagging the shit out of it mace art
comic Achievement Hunter gavin free Let's Play but we'll see let's play minecraft ryan haywood he was so shocked let's play minecraft shopping list x shopping list x achievement hunter comic episode 155 mehcoffee comic mehcoffee drawing it's possible that i won't draw a comic next weekend because i have so many tests
* request tutorial photoshop tutorial ps tutorial font tutorial idk this took f o r e v e r man i'm so sorr y it's so confusing