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LGBT Ellen Page HRC

Ellen Page is out of the closet! So happy for her!

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LGBT Ellen Page HRC
On Friday, February 14, actress Ellen Page speaks about the...
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BREAKING: HRC congratulates Ellen Page on her brave decision to live openly and authentically
Tonight actress Ellen Page came out as lesbian from the stage of HRC’s inaugural “Time to THRIVE” Conference. HRC congratulates Page on her brave decision to live openly and authentically. Perhaps best known for her roles in movies like Juno,Inception and X-Men, Page’s indomitable spirit sets a p...
Ellen Page has come out as a gay woman. The star the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past made the announcement in a moving and deeply personal speech delivered at Time to THRIVE, a...
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I need the gay community to STOP comparing our struggle to the Black Civil Rights Movement. You DON’T get to draw that comparison and ...
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** Ellen Page Happy Valentine's Day epageedits you will forever be our canadian queen
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