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Then (high school and middle school) and now, at 38. I’m bi, trans, Latino, and neuroatypical. None of these things alone defines me, but they intersect in interesting and often difficult ways.

I transitioned as an adult, 6 years ago. My only regret was waiting so long.

Today is Trans Day of Visibility, and, well… yeah, we’re visible, all right. Visible as the right’s newest scapegoat. Bathroom panic laws are even going so far as to use terms like “common sense” and “moral objection” to demonize us, not even bothering to hide behind religion.

Help make our visibility a positive thing. Cis people, be allies in places where we aren’t visible. Fight bathroom panic laws down to the local school board level, but go beyond that – examine how pervasive casual transphobia is in our society and how “jokes” and the perception of “men in dresses” shape the still-pervasive beliefs that we are deceivers, deviants, sub-human. Let us tell our own stories in media, from writing to acting. Especially listen to the voices that are suppressed the most - trans women of color. Be interested in our lives and struggles beyond “The Surgery” and see how trans liberation advances society as a whole. Look beyond the “bravery” of transition (and how it erases trans people who do not want to or cannot transition) and help remove the obstacles to our existence that require such courage in the first place.

Anyone, my inbox is open if you need to talk.



Further pulling back the curtain of what trans people do in bed:


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"I named you because you hadn’t the voice to name yourself. Now that you have found your voice it’s for you to tell the world what your name is." I went to a Transgender Day of Remembrance conference tonight, and the transgender speaker, Channyn Lynn Parker, said that her mother said t...
Reading this list is heartbreaking. November 20th is Transgender Remembrance day and this week is Trans Awareness week.  This year the youngest victims are 16.
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1% of the worlds population is transgender. 0.33% of the worlds population is Australian. More transgender people attempted suicide then there are people in Australia. No one seems to care about that? But if all Australians attempt to kill themselves it would be an outrage. But no one gives a shit a...
Aveed Long-Acting Testosterone Approved by FDA
Aveed is the U.S. equivalent to the long-acting testosterone formulation known in other parts of the world as Nebido, and it was recently approved by the FDA. Aveed is being touted as having “major advantages” over T. cypionate and T.enanthate, including fewer injections (about every 2 to 3 months),...
Penis and XY required to be man? False. Only things required to be a man are:
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4chan users plan to trigger trans suicides
Spread this shit around tumblr right now. 4 chan users are planning to trigger transgender people by posting pictures and sending asks on tumblr. They are hoping to drive trans people to suicide. Here is a source. Be aware the bottom part of this page contains some really awful stuff so don’t ...
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He is male. Even though his parents call him “Katie” and his mother says “my little girl” Even though the childhood...