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But when you say that the loudest homophobes are closeted LGBT folks, you erase the fact that the vast, vast majority of homophobia doesn’t come from closeted people. It comes from straight people. Casual, everyday homophobia overwhelmingly comes from straight people (and yes, by the way, I know that all of you aren’t like that). The vast majority of people who vote against marriage equality are straight. The vast majority of the people who draft gender recognition legislation that enshrines gatekeeping, divorce, diagnoses and compulsory surgery are cis. The people who think that knowing we even exist should be kept from kids, because we’re too ‘confusing’? Mostly straight and cis. The people who treat us ever-so-slightly differently, who tokenise us, who judge us by how closely we conform to stereotypes? Mostly straight and cis. And, yeah, most of the people who brainwash, reject and demonise us are straight and cis too.

But if we joke that homophobes are all homos, we let straight people rest easy. Homophobia becomes something that isn’t just targeted at LGBTQ people. It’s something perpetuated by us too. Homophobia stops being straight people’s problem.

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But when you say that the loudest homophobes are closeted LGBT folks, you erase the fact that the vast, vast majority of homophobia doesn’t ...
"Watching gay media will make kids gay." Well I don’t know about you, but seeing 12492394294 straight couples on tv, in movies, in books, in magazines, ads, and comic books never once made me straight.
White gays: Blacks aren’t that cute + they disappear in the dark lolWhite Gays: Asians can’t topWhite Gays: Call me Sheniqua that’s my inner black womanWhite Gays: Mexicans are cute, but like, only Enrique Iglesias types no beanersGay PoC: This is why you’re problematic to the gay communityWhite Gay...
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Dump Starbucks?
There is SERIOUSLY a “Dump Starbucks” campaign because the company supports marriage equality. Do you know who else supports marriage equality? Apple Microsoft IBM Google Facebook Twitter Tumblr Visa Mastercard American Express Ford AT&T Sprint Coca-Cola Pepsi Kraft Foods Nabisco Amazon eBay M...
it’s funny how if you’re not straight, the assumption is always that you like men like bisexual male: YOU’RE SECRETLY JUST GAY AND WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH MEN bisexual female: YOU’RE JUST FAKING IT FOR MALE ATTENTION gay male: YOU’RE ONLY GAY BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T HAVE...
bromance IS homophobia
1) Bromances are based on mocking and rejecting queerness — The entire joke about the SethRogen-JamesFranco bromances of the world is that they’re parodies of queerness. Literally, the humor is about making queerness the butt of the joke (so to speak). It’s funny when straight dude...
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having a gay otp doesn’t make you a lgbtq+ supporterreading a lot of gay fan fiction doesn’t make you a lgbtq+ supporteri once knew a girl who spent most of her free time reading gay smut, but she was extremely uncomfortable any time she had to interact with a lesbian because she was afraid they’d h...
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  • Women:Can we just be treated as people and paid the same and not be raped and harassed for what we wear or do or say?
  • LGBTQ+:We just want to go on about our lives, be able to get married and have our sexualities and gender acknowledged and respected.
  • Black people:We don't want to be stereotyped as criminals.
  • Muslim people:We're not terrorists. We really aren't.
  • Jewish people:Please just leave us alone.
  • Latin and Asian people:We're not "exotic". Please stop fetishising us.
  • Parent:You can tell me anything :)
  • Child:I'm depressed
  • Parent:Snap out of it
  • Child:I'm anxious all the time
  • Parent:No you're not
  • Child:I'm gay
  • Parent:Not in my house
  • Child:I'm bisexual
  • ...