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A City Council member in Shreveport, La., has abandoned his effort to repeal an LGBT-inclusive anti-discrimination ordinance, following outcry from the public, including a transgen...
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A Step By Step Guide through Jared Leto's Trans Ignorance.
Jared Leto has been winning multiple awards for playing the transgender character of Rayon in the film “Dallas Buyers Club.” The transgender community has then watched him throw them under the bus. 1. LETO: "It was the role of a lifetime," he said. "It was an incredible thing to represent this group...
REBLOG if you would support your child/children even if they turned out to be TRANSGENDER
( So I can show my transphobic parents just how many people support me and my transition, even if they don’t. ) Gay rights and support is one thing.  But almost no one talks about trans rights and support. Some parents would support their child if they were gay, but not if they were transgende...
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The above article is an update.  Her mother went to appeal to keep her out of the psychiatric ward and lost.  She will be institutionalized because of her expression of her gender....
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Katie Couric is a supreme fucking asshole. Also, I fucking LOOOOOVE Laverne Cox. === On Monday, transgender model Carmen Carrera and Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox m...