• liam payne edit ot your hair was perfect that day omg the1dblog •
liam payne edit ot your hair was perfect that day omg

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liam payne edit ot your hair was perfect that day omg
gif louis tomlinson 1k Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan 1D edit group ot i dont really like this but yesterday was better
liam payne your hair is so perfect
louis tomlinson One Direction liam payne perish boo bear making things liam ur perfect ship: that was a love bite from louis tomlinson GOOD JOB LIAM omg liam you have the cutest sense of humor okay keep punching louis too that is very good
One Direction liam payne mine liam andy samuels Payne my picture liam payne picture liam payne hair
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Okay. Danielle is so perfect I mean oh my gosh she is gorgeo...
Harry Styles liam payne edit omg liam
changmin !!! !edit hey rmbr when your hair was gorgeous flawless etc hey rmbr when your hair was one colour hey how about we go back to that time
photoset One Direction liam payne this is becoming a problem that hair tho
One Direction liam payne gifs ily god you're the best
doctor who Arthur Darvill Rory Williams edit dwedit yep this needed to be done omg the things i'm going through because of this hair I NEED SERIOUS ELECTROSHOCKS also shippery inspiration AND ALL THESE POSSIBLE SCENARIOS LEADING TO SUCH STATE OF THIS HAIR doctor daydreams about all of these scenarios while staring at rory when he wakes up and goes to console room with freshly brewed coffee and doctor thanks for the coffee and watches this hair while chatting about engines to completely disinterested and deliciously sleepy rory and doctor thinks how it will feel under his fingers how soft how perfect it would be to weave his fingers into each strand like a sunray to pull this hair hard when rory's all close and warm with his mouth on all the right places and to stroke this hair when rory's asleep and that adorable wrinkle on his forehead indicates he's dreaming and doctor strokes this hair with greatest affection because rory most probably dreams about death separation and danger things doctor brought with himself to their lives and to kiss this hair inhale wind and fruit and books and pure rory on it yep doctor daydreams about this hair every day while he chats away all these images so that no one especially rory would see into them
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