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12 Tips To Improve Grades And Organization

Written by natuhrist | Edited by merhcy | Saturday August 8, 2015

School, for some, can be the worst period of their lives. Testing, teachers, friends, boyfriends - and sometimes people we wish we had never known can be thanked for that. But here I have whipped up a quick list of ways that have helped me with my organizational study throughout my school years.
If you want better results and better organization, these may be the solution to your problem.

1- Always have an agenda to write down dates. Tests dates, birthdays, and event dates are easily drowned out and forgotten with everything else going on in your life. Dates are probably the easiest thing to forget these days (besides numbers), so having a hard copy of your schedule in an agenda can greatly improve your school experience.

2- Study a little every day. Just studying 15-20 minutes a day can boost your memory and improve the outcome of your test grades by an enormous amount. Be sure to review the material that the teacher has not reviewed lately so that your brain gets a refresher before the test or exam (results believe me).

3- Keep your notebook organized. Being organized is the key to being the best you can be in school. Organization is mandatory in order to successfully study for tests and complete assignments. Keeping all of your schoolwork separated and your workplace spotless and neat can greatly relieve stress and allows for a seamless finished product.

4- Write summaries of your work. Writing summaries of your work and what you have to do saves a lot of time when you go back to study all of the material you just learned. Also, writing your own summaries can help you remember the material more easily than having to remember all one million pages words.

5- Just get it over with. Don’t procrastinate. Do all of the longer and more time-consuming work first so that you can get it over with and breeze through the simpler work last. But, remember if you find yourself spending too much time stuck on one problem in the harder work, move to the easier work and then go back to the hard work. Refer to bullet number 8 and 10.

6- Use technology to your advantage, not disadvantage. There are several applications and resources that can help you online with your work. If you aren’t sure about something look it up, google it, research it. You’ll be happy you did. However, be sure not to fully rely on the internet. At a time when you don’t have any technology to use you need to be able to fend for yourself. Also don’t get distracted!

7- Reserve a location for study. Preferably away from any general distractions such as pets, television, friends, or little siblings. Once you start to stray away from your work, sometimes there is no going back. 

8- Divide and conquer. Have a set plan on what you are going to be accomplishing. Will you finish your english homework first? Your math homework? Those are some questions you should ask yourself. Refer to number bullet number 5 and 10.

9-Have a snack handy. For those times when you feel hungry or thirsty, always have a snack and drink with you so you don’t have to get up from your work and prepare it. Be careful not to spill any food on your work, however.

10- Divide the materials into easy, medium and hard to help you plan how many hours will be devoted to each subject, try to use the SWOT analysis.

S Strengths focus on its strengths;
W Weaknesses - RECOGNIZE their weaknesses …
The opportunities - GETTING your opportunities!
T Threats - Divert your threats.

11- Ask questions. Always ask questions, whether it be to a teacher, friend, or your computer. Its better to ask and know, then to not and fail.

12 - Relax. Do yourself a favor and relax. You will finish your work. Set a set break time. You have to think about your well being. And remember to pee!

Well, those are some of the tips that have helped me and I hope that they can help you just as much!

With love, 


* SWOT analysis font: here

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life grades college school help list tip tips guide guidelines organize grade
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