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Look at you.
You are so young
and stronger than you believe.
You are smart and interesting,
you have stories to tell.
You have your entire life ahead of you.
Please don’t
dismiss yourself so fast,
you never know
just how capable you are
if you sell yourself short.

Travel, ingest every book you read.
Really relish
every bite of your favourite food.
Eat it often - more than you
would allow.
Don’t feel guilty about it.
Lay out in the sun,
Drink up the rays.
watch to the children,
mimic their laughter,
watch the old couple
hold hands.
Wish for their infinite love,
and wait,
Don’t worry about finding it too soon.
Smile more.

truly listen to everyone you hear.
The old have knowledgable advice.
The young and young at heart will spark your imagination.
But first,
Don’t forget to listen to yourself.
Do whatever you please with your time.
Get a job
or don’t.
Go to university,
or don’t.
Your life and how you live it
is entirely up to you,
not your parents,
or your professors.

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