• okay though just picture for a moment when MCU!Natasha starts having fans, when MCU!Natasha starts h... like a lot aggressively headcanons natasha romanova is better than you i have a lot of feelings about female role models veliseraptor •

okay though just picture for a moment when MCU!Natasha starts having fans, when MCU!Natasha starts having little girl fans who are all “I want to be as awesome as Black Widow” and just picture Tony or Clint sending her links to photos of parents with their daughters dressed up as Black Widow

and a little part of Natasha hurts because when she was that young she was already in training, already having the childishness drilled out of her, and they don’t know the legacy they’re dressing up in, they don’t know what it’s like to be a weapon in anyone’s hands that will take you and they never should but at the same time

she’s a role model suddenly for little girls who don’t have the self confidence they deserve, someone they can look to and see that superheroes aren’t just the men, that a five foot nothing woman can hold her own among gods and monsters, can take down evil and fight for the safety of Earth just as well as her teammates

and maybe she is making up the debt and not just in battles fought and won, in little girls who learn that they can stand up for themselves, that being woman doesn’t make them less

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