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  • Alexander Hamilton:the 2009 white house rap feat. everybody
  • Aaron Burr, Sir:aaron burr doesn't wanna be your senpai alex
  • My Shot:you know what this song is. everyone knows what this song is. don't act like you don't know what this song is.
  • The Story Of Tonight:we might all literally die so let's drink and be bros
  • The Schyuler Sisters:GIRL POWER!!! feat. bustles
  • Farmer Refuted:ham's dog has more eloquence than samuel seabury
  • You'll Be Back:george iii is literally the ex you hope never to date in the first place
  • Right Hand Man:someone please give washington some help. no burr, not you
  • A Winter's Ball:20-something males being gross 20-something males
  • Helpless:eliza is a cinnamon roll too pure, too good for this world
  • Satisfied:a retrospective soliloquy by a. "i regret this" schuyler
  • The Story Of Tonight (Reprise):let's drink and be bros at your wedding because we might all literally die
  • Wait For It:aaron burr do you need a hug
  • Stay Alive:ham wouldn't have been that inexperienced and ruinous
  • Ten Duel Commandments:a guide on how to foreshadow ironically, by lin-manuel miranda
  • Meet Me Inside:george washington would be your senpai if you let him alex
  • That Would Be Enough:did lotteries even exist back then because ham sure won with eliza
  • Guns And Ships:i don't know if you're speaking french or english lafayette, slow down un peu oui?
  • History Has Its Eyes On You:i need help from that guy i fired: a memoir by george washington
  • Yorktown:"i can't literally die anymore because i might actually have to run a country?? eliza's pregnant???" - alexander hamilton
  • What Comes Next?:i'm a single independent nation who don't need no george iii
  • Dear Theodosia:those 20-something males are fathers with dreams and hopes for their kids and my god i'm crying
  • Non-Stop:ham is the actual energizer bunny

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It should be mandatory that if a Broadway show is closing they should have it professionally shot. The producers have any idea how many people still would like to see that show (and just didn’t see because they didn’t had the opportunity), and would buy a dvd of it? Or the people who saw...
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