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I’m seeing a lot posts saying Pearl was in love with Rose and that they had a relationship based on how devoted to her Pearl was, but I don’t think thats the case. Pearl my have loved Rose, but I don’t think it was in a romantic sense.

I keep looking back to this scene in particular from “Rose’s Scabbard“


Thats not how you stand before a friend, a lover or even a military commander, no matter how much you respect them.

Thats how you stand before royality


Its how a servant stands before their king. Not speaking unless spoken too. Not looking up at them, because making eye contact would be disrespectful. Because you’re not worthy of making eye contact with them.

When Rose puts her hand out to Pearl, look at Pearl’s reaction.


She doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do. Like she can’t even fathom touching Rose. That to is certainly not how one would compose them selves around a partner.

And when Pearl saw Rose’s flag. 


She takes her hat off like one would do while saluting their nations flag.


There’s another post going around talking about how Rose’s gem looks more like a Diamond than Quartz. 

Now with that in mind, Jasper and Peridot both serve Yellow Diamond, who at least so far, seems to be the ruler of Homeworld, and they both have Yellow Diamonds on their chest to signify Yellow Diamond being their leader.


In “Space Race“ we get to see Pearls pilot uniform/space suit and looks whats on the chest


A Rose Diamond

Rose didn’t just give up the ability to go back to her Homeworld by fighting for Earth. She gave up being royalty. Likely taking the name Quartz to show that she thought herself equal to the gems fighting by her side, instead of above them. Which is why she gave them the choice to stay and fight instead of commanding them to.

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So we now know the gem placements of Yellow, Blue and White DiamondI surmise that these placements are also how the Homeworld Insignia is made, pay attention to where the diamonds are placedAt the top is White, White Diamond’s gem is on her forehead.Bellow White at equal height is Yellow and Blue, Y...
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Righto so we finally got to see decent murals of the Diamond Authority. Save for the pink, of course. We know these murals are going to be accurate, especially for the Diamonds.So we can confirm White Diamond’s is on her forehead, and both Yellow and Blue Diamond have their gems on their chests. Tur...
Some things that don’t seem related, but may actually be:
1. Pearl can store things in her gem.  What’s interesting to me is that no other gem has demonstrated this ability; Peridot even implies that pearls are the only ones who can, as they are are there to “stand around, look pretty, and hold your things for you.”  So clearly, it’s a rare or specialized ...
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me waiting for new episode dates to be announced 
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