• lit poetry poem Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson tylerknott •
We must stop wishing
and simply start the building
of the life we want.

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It’s in the waiting that I go quietly mad, silently insane.
You are the habit that I will spend my lifetime trying not to break.
The craving for you never seems to slow itself, never seems to stop.
I simply told her she sounded like poetry whenever she laughed.
How desperately my empty hands always search for your hands to hold.
Fall into the bed and I’ll catch you in the sheets. I will cover you.
I breathe easier with the weight of your body lying on my chest.
I wish here was there or that there could become here so I could hold you.
Just believe in me and I will show you a love you have never seen.
Nothing more than this, and I truly hope you see, nothing more than you.
Let’s take off the fear and shed the weight of worry; hold tighter to me.
I will give and give and when you think I’ve no more, I will give again.