• *sixth grader voice* sex *giggles loudly* lmao ok nippled •

*sixth grader voice* sex *giggles loudly*

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*sixth grader voice* sex *giggles loudly*
what a champ
life is lame 2/10 do not recommend
~ Demi Lovato GIF3 neon lights lmao ok
tweets lmao ok for here reblog the
what is the gender neutral term for girlfriend/boyfriend
straight white men’s solution to everything:
other ppl: i love playing evil characters its just very freeing to go into a fantasy world where there are no rules and just relieve some stress, you know?me, wearing a hall monitor badge and playin a lawful good: haha yeah
people who translate things are angels sent from heaven above don’t be mean to them
1k mygifs snk shingeki no kyojin eren jaeger snkgifs snkgraphic snk gifs lmao eren u ok
“We’re all problematic” Yeah ok but there’s a difference between doing something because you’re uneducated/unaware and knowing full well that what you’re doing is violent and oppressive and still doing it anyway.
when i try to dance