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overhearing someone talk about your fandom



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overhearing someone talk about your fandom (x)
  • John:good evening, you alright?
  • Martin:what the fuck
  • -
  • Benedict:oh my gosh hi, I am so sorry are you okay? can I get you anything?
  • Sherlock:liar
  • -
  • Derek:stiles is such a dumbass omg
  • Tyler:smh shut up u love him
  • ...
So there I was, on amazon.com...
Trying to buy one of these bad boys And I’m wondering if this particular product is any good, so I look at the reviews. This was the most helpful good review… And this was the most helpful bad review… I fudging love this fandom.
sherlock martin freeman supernatural Benedict Cumberbatch dean winchester sam winchester castiel Jensen Ackles Misha Collins destiel johnlock Jared Padalecki sam and dean cas supernatural has taken over my life
  • Doctor Who:its only been two weeks the wounds are still fresh piss off
  • Hannibal:*casually eating remnants of kevin*
  • Supernatural:nO NO DRoP HIM *frantically flings salt at hannibal fandom*
  • Hannibal:he needed salt thank you
  • Doctor Who:*mournfully whimpers* d-doo wee ooooo
  • Sherlock:(fandom-wide identity crisis bc hiatus over in six days)
  • Hannibal:guess whos back back back, back again (hint: hes a cannibal)
  • Supernatural:still not over kevin go away
doctor who matt smith mine sherlock martin freeman supernatural superwholock David Tennant Benedict Cumberbatch Jensen Ackles Misha Collins bbc sherlock Jared Padalecki Christopher Eccleston infographic sorry it's shitty i was lazy with lassoing haha
Tom Riddle really put his soul into all of his work.
  • David Tennant:Look at that! They have a whole day of every week devoted to me! That's so flattering! Wait a minute, adam's apple appreciation post? Hair porn??
  • Matt Smith:Do I really dress like that?
  • Benedict Cumberbatch:Oh god they know. They know I'm in love with Martin. Wait... it's all Sherlock and John. Whew. What's this? "Johnlock slashfic"? Well it wouldn't hurt to read just one...
  • Martin Freeman:I AM NOT A HEDGEHOG.
  • Tom Hiddleston:ehehehehehehehehe
  • Jensen Ackles:What the hell is Destie-- ohhhh.
  • Jared Padalecki:Why do Jensen and Misha always get to be cute cartoon characters and I'm always a moose.
  • Misha Collins:YUS. MOAR DESTIEL.
mine supernatural Jensen Ackles Misha Collins spn Jared Padalecki someone needs to tak my PS away
I just want to apologize on the behalf of the Supernatural Fandom
Considering we are probably going to crash tumblr on Tuesday
I need to start following some blogs...
Soooo….If you love nerdy angels Co-dependant brothers High functioning sociopaths And their Blogger’s And lets throw in a┬ámad man with a box to! And espicially if your into bad ass demi gods Or earths mightiest super heroes Then Please Reblog!!!! Don’t just like because if ...