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LOL funny north korea south korea gangnam style

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LOL funny north korea south korea gangnam style
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  • Some girl to me:Oh my god I love Kpop, it's so cool.
  • Me:Mhmm, really now.
  • Her:Yeah! Do you know what it is?
  • Me:(.....) You like Big Bang?
  • Me:......
  • My Asian friends:.....
  • My friends:......
  • ...
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Pray for the safety of all  the South Korean people, not just your favorite Kpop idols
The Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea.
(EDIT: Clarifying this in case it becomes a problem later on. I am not a professional reporter, neither am I writing this post due to a request from a professional reporter. I gain no profit from this post. I have merely written this because the lack of truth everywhere has angered me very much.) Pl...
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