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Artist Transforms Famous Landmarks with Quirky Paper Cut Outs of Cinema

London-based artist and creative specialist Rich McCor (previously featured here) transforms some of the world’s most famous landmarks with paper cutouts of Disney and TV icons among others into playful scenes. With the sole use of paper and a pair of scissors, McCor designs quirky cutouts, which enhance the playful nature of some of the most prestigious manmade landscapes.

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LOL funny popular cute adorable film life design TV featured paper culture paper art wordsnquotes Rich McCor
popular life design featured crafts paper culture paper art wordsnquotes Rich McCor
Pop Culture Eyes
Haunting and omnipotent, Jason Edminston’s new exhibition “Eyes Without A Face are instantly recognizable, especially if you are a pop culture and film whiz. Most surprisingly, Edminston’s work is not a cut out from a poster or photograph, there exists 150 original paintings in this particular serie...
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Inanimate Objects Transformed Into Whimsical Still-Lifes
Photographer Dina Belenko loves to stage everyday objects into magical portraits, which transport you into a different realm. By capturing still-lives, Belenko believes she is also taking pictures of her soul. 
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Modern Corporate Logos Unified With Classical Art Paintings by Eisen Bernard
Filipino graphic designer Eisen Bernardo presents a 15 piece art series that integrates corporate logos with classical art. This creative endeavour taken by the artist explores consumerism through the eyes of art. He exhibits how expression adjusts with function, giving corporate design deeper artis...
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