• That ship that everybody in the fandom loves, except you. lol klaine lol finchel so many jate Captain Swan i just don't Jay rants those are who annoys me the most nothing against people who likes it I have one in the rp world but I'm not going to tell because I know I'm the only one lol and also because the reason is embarrassing lol dragonfabray •

That ship that everybody in the fandom loves, except you.


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That ship that everybody in the fandom loves, except you.
mine q Captain Swan emma x killian csedit i don't know what i'm doing but wow lots of kisses and handholding also the rest of the season is going to kill me i just know it and if any angst comes up soon i'm just going to look at this to get through it lol
Best Mashup Ever [1D Mega Mash]
Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life
homestuck Rose Lalonde Roxy Lalonde lalondes yeehaw wendys best wendy rants
MY EDIT LOTR Frodo Baggins Samwise Gamgee lotredit frodo x sam sam's face is everything: *james bond theme* i'm his gardener and then he's like: take a look at my face take a look at it long and good this face says: i'm gonna fuck you up if you dare to breathe too close in his presence :-DD also sad stuff in my head (don't mind me i was butchering titanic ost along with celine dion things today lol) and i was thinking how protecting frodo is such an inseparable part of him HOW IT'S IN HIS VERY CORE and when frodo's gone how many times do you think he went to check on him in his room just to see the desk covered with rosie's cookies instead of usual scribbles of frodo how many times did he wake up at night not because of nightmare but because he always knew when frodo's having one and he needs to be there to reassure him they are here they are safe they are alive and it's really over how many times did he ask for him while making tea or stuffing his pipe with oldtoby or eating stew: mister frodo i saved some for you how many times before he learned there will be no answer before he remembered frodo is gone also that scene with witchking is so them :-( sam's struggling for him as darkness takes hold of him so firm and so completely frodo's there looking at horrors like at something divine filling him in the only thing filling the void growing in him and sam pleads for him to come back to come back to him don't go where i can't follow :-( i'm sorry i'm a trash and i need emotional detox *continues marathoning stuff*
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gifs mine Emma Watson myedit logan lerman The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Ezra Miller tpobaw IT WAS WORTH IT this movie is so amazing i laughed and cried so many times ugh this took me 5 hours to make btw smh lol this movie and the cast slays
Derek Sterek show: teen wolf twedit mine xoxo eternalsterek eternal sterek WHICHC ONE IS EVEN THE TAG otp: i don't trust you; you don't trust me frickin love this song yah yah yah yAH and i think of sterek when i hear it sorry i'm trash bye derek counts his flaws like sheep before bed; it simultaneously keeps him awake and wearies his soul enough to send him to sleep sleeping is the only time he's free from his mistakes-- so many mistakes and stiles physically can't sleep it traps him and holds him hostage so he has no choice but to recognize every terrible aspect of his life and himself it horrifies him with possibilities and even though he's an innately good person he isn't free from nightmares stiles is so afraid to burden others with his problems because he cares too much about them but also because he's afraid they'll see he's not worth it in the long run so i wouldn't be surprised if he hides this side of himself from lydia and scott in 3b-- or tries to but you know who already has such little expectations of stiles? and has made that clear? so he doesn't have to worry about keeping up a front for him derek already sees the worst and the worst isn't that bad at all help your pack human derek show him it's possible and even easy to live with the darkness when you're surrounded by people who love and care about you because those people won't just up and leave because you're not perfect derek knows that because he still sticks around for peter because cora stuck around for him because scott won't abandon derek and derek thinks that stiles is much more of a better person than he is so if people will stick around for derek OF COURSE they'll stick around for stiles
"It’s such an honor to be here at the inaugural Time to THR...
*binge watches television series that are 15 years old instead of facing my rapidly approaching real life problems*
exo jongin chanyeol kaiyeol it's so sad to be continued chankai kimkai plgifs parkchan queue slow down.. then queue speed up i only had the time to do this yesterday lol it's really like those typical stories girl likes you so much but you don't pay attention and take her for granted plus breaks her heart too many times lol then she got tired and moved on you realized you have feelings for her and you missed her but it's too late lmao and the regretting phase will start lol what's sadder is it happens in real life not just in love but in other situations as well wtf am i talking about who is yeol's soulmate