• LOL ORIGINALS but i have no idae whats going on thatsqualitystuff •
LOL ORIGINALS but i have no idae whats going on

on halloween this guy dressed up as aladdin and glued a carpet to his skaboard and made his way through the halls like this

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LOL ORIGINALS but i have no idae whats going on
knk Beyond the Boundary Kyoukai no Kanata akihito kanbara mirai kuriyama kuriyama mirai kyoukai no kana i have no idea whats going on but i laughed really hard kanbara akihtio
homestuck Karkat karkat vantas my drawings over 5000 i have no idea whats going on here tbh but it looked pretty there i fixed the ear
My art d kuroko no basuke kuroko no basket kagakuro Aokise midotaka muraaka nijihai miserably idk whats going on my mind when i draw this im trying to be serious but i faile
myart tutorial
my gifs narry idek narry storan they cut me deep i have no idea whats going o n nHERE BUT HARR Y ALWAYS MAKES DUMB FACES TO NIALL WHEN NIALLS NOT AMUSED AND ITS FUNNY.
my gif my post Swan Queen parks and recreation MY PIC Emma Swan Regina Mills swanqueenedit swanqueenweek i love queue and i like queue not sure if this counts as truth serum and I have no idae what to caption it with but I've had the idea for a while I don't know why the first gif wasn't working so I had to make it smaller which is annoying because all the others are way bigger and work fine
mygifs doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith i dont like whats going on with that black spot on his hair but i dont know how to fix it
So i was watching Beauty and The Beast the other day and i noticed the two characters Lumiere and Clocksworth  are basically these two assholes. I mean just look at these characters and tell me that they don’t remind you  of these idiots
No but really. The fact that Blaine's depression is going to get treated with the utmost respect and...
Transformers Prime optimus prime why do i even exist IM SO SORRY GUYS i just got bored special guest star Kncokout! and Ratchet I really have no idea whats going on here seriously thatws it autobotprime totally draws stealing ideas from tumblr is always a bonus *Insert histerical crying here*