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LOL Personal oh teddie

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LOL Personal oh teddie
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Teddie Hanamura
Mini-comic translation. A short story about names and family. Source: ?????? by ?????? ———T/N: On the first page, it was impossible to fit all of Teddie’s dialogue in the speech bubbles, so I ended up having to paraphrase, but the gist of it should be the same. Anyw...
You stopped saying goodnight, so I stopped sleeping.
Harry Styles is one of those slow, passionate lovers that grip onto your wrists and hips and let you know just how he feels by slowing the process, his moaning deep and it travels so slowly and his pink and full lips part so slowly and he thrusts into you so slowly so you can feel and see and hear e...
  • Mom:Que no se te olvide apagar los frijoles
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Oh my god
Teddie Akihiko long post U TRIED....
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