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  • Me:What do you do when you like a boy?
  • Sister:You tell him.
  • Me:And if he doesn't like you?
  • Sister:You kill him.

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  • Me:Can you close the window ? It’s too cold
  • Benedict Cumberbatch:
  • Me:
  • Benedict Cumberbatch:
  • Me:
  • Benedict Cumberbatch:
  • Me:
  • Benedict Cumberbatch:
  • ...
  • me:I like this character
  • character:*dies*
Look whos still single this 2015
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walking into the wrong class
  • straight ppl:its SO much more realistic that gay characters never Mention being gay a single time ever because gay people never talk about their sexuality they are more Than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #love
  • me about literally anything at any time:im gay
  • Friend:There's nothing worst than death
  • Me:Final Seasons
  • Me:Post-concert depresion
  • Me:Nickelback songs
  • Me:When there's no food
  • Me:Fictional characters dying
  • Me:Hispters blogs
  • Me:Cry over bands
  • ...
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My vagina looks so odd.
“straighten your hair”why not gayhten your hair you homophobic piece of shit