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                    I don’t mind
            S L E E P I N G   A L O N E 

                                                               It’s the   
                                                            WAKING UP

                                                  ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?

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                    I don’t mind             S L E E P I N G   A L O N E                                                                 It’s the                                                               WAKING UP                                                   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?
…a relationship can be the most intense form of being alone if you’re not careful.
i. do not fall in love with me.for i am hungry and cruel & iwill hollow you out with heavysecrets & ugly insides. i am not beautiful, i am scarred.my mind is dusty archives with paper thoughts that my wildfireheart has a tendency to burn. i will burn you. i will not provideyou warmth. becaus...
Hearts are muscles. They get sore.
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Y o u  r            hand fits in                                 m i n e                                          like it’s made just for me.
To be free is often to be lonely.
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survival;[ser-vahy-vuh l]noun.                      1. the act of dying slower                       than those around you.
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