• hands down my fave bit of rotk is when the ring’s been destroyed and mordor is like collapsing... lord of the rings 911 what is your emergency YES THIS IS THE DARK LORD SAURON MY FORTRESS AT BARA-DUR IS COLLAPSING????? PLEASE SEND HELP you know considering he is the eponymous character of this series sauron gets crazy little screentime apriki •

hands down my fave bit of rotk is when the ring’s been destroyed and mordor is like collapsing in on itself and sauron is freaking the fuck out

but all he can do is swivel his giant eye around

he’s like guys

what’s happening guys








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gifs lord of the rings LOTR orlando bloom gifs[2] legolas gif series: lord of the rings queueueue this needed to be a photoset. Your face is by far the most entertaining of the series. And I'm not gonna lie I could barely contain my laughter whilst making this.
Was your ass forged by Sauron?
Because that shit looks precious.
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gifs lord of the rings LOTR ugh gifs[2] gif series: lord of the rings this is it do you guys remember that lotr gifset I told you I was working on like two months ago? this is what took me five-freaking-EVER and it wasn't the gif-making that took long it was trying to figure out what to gif I wanted to do more but this has been sitting in my draft box for far too long so this is just part 1 :) I'm probably going to regret this yeah not going to tag everyone
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:D LOTR Frodo Baggins Elijah Wood The Lord of the Rings interview cast Dominic Monaghan my graphics Favourite: Lord of The Rings this is the best interview ever i just cant it's my favourite part too skfjsd;f favourite: actors
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* lord of the rings The Return of The King lordoftherings* even the easy coloring scenes are hard i hate coloring lotr this scene is so beautiful ugh
mine WHAT EVEN IS THIS i love them boobear and babycakes i think i have to go to my tags because SERIOUSLY louis' supertight grip ona hazza and he just doesn't wanna let go oh yes this is about their hands THIS IS NOT THE SAME SCENE this lasted for hours what even- my larryheart back in x-factor they were already so much of what they are now two little magnets aaaaahhhh
It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you di...
You’re sitting at your desk, and you know it’s time to go. You’ve said that to ...
lord of the rings LOTR legolas what is this I don't even AND MY BOW LEGOLAS Y U SO PERDY WHY DO I DO STUPID THINGS