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LORDE of the rings
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lord of the rings music parody LOTR royals soundcloud Lorde Music is my soul Mo Mo O'Brien

EDIT: This song is not mine. It’s a parody by the talented Mo Mo O’Brien, the same artist who sang the “Let It Burn” Frozen parody.

I was summoned?

I never left the shire in the flesh
‘til I saw bilbo disappear at the party
and I am proud of my address
I’m a Baggins, Baggins of Bagend

But everyday’s like
Gold ring, greybeard, trippin on the mushrooms
Blood-mad Nazgul trashin the hotel room
we don’t care
We go to Rivendell across the stream
and everybody’s like
Mountains, dwarf mines, presents from the elf queen
Rowboats, Rock paths, Gollum on a rope leash
we don’t care
yeah were simply gonna walk there

‘cuz were going to Mordor
Took runs in my blood
This kind of quest just aint our part
we are short and stout of heart
Sauron won’t be my ruler
Buckleberry Ferry, Brie
and baby the ring
Won’t get the best of me

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