• louis tomlinson 1k One Direction * ml I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HANDLE THIS IN HD I'M SORRY THIS IS SUCH SHIT QUALITY BUT lourrysinlove •

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taylor swift Zendaya bad blood she's everything tbh such crappy quality i'm sorry i'll replace when hd is out i'll probs delete these but i haven't wanted to gif in so long but this video is just YES
louis tomlinson One Direction :( but mine* onedirection* i know tumblr shit on the quality of this
louis tomlinson 1k One Direction liam payne omfg sorry I'M SORRY BUT THE QUALITY IS HORRIBLE OK IT'S A 280P VIDEO
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction * louis mygif harry lourry march 2012 otp: next to you so much stuff this barely even skims it holy shit i knew march was like a Big Month but march is like a //BIG MONTH// i was going through blogs that were around then to find stuff and wooooooooowww that elvis duran 'very faithful' thing happened in march too i only included the initial nod in the dating one bc that and his smile is all i care about it's bw bc tumblr is an asshole and wouldn't take ANY coloring i'm p sure all of this is march but if i'm wrong about smth i'm sorry!!
louis tomlinson One Direction mine 1D lt taggin this shit
au where the winter soldier ends up killing steve on the helicarrier, and the moment he breaks steve’s neck is the moment he remembers hearing those same bones breaking after a small boy with blond hair and blue eyes tried to climb a tree - so i can see the world from up high bucky - and fell and th...
1k my edits my gifs bye *shrugs* Captain Swan cs graphic ouatedit sorry i'm late emmaswanedit hookedit mine hd i wanted this in hd i was with this cute guy you all know ;) i want to make more gifs but it's super late here don't dare to repost this shit i wanted to make this with their original colors but it's impossible *le sad sad pearl*
louis tomlinson 1k Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan music video 1D what makes you beautiful jgifs yay anniversary july 23 2010 this is part 1 of the anniversary edit i'm making the second half i'll post tomorrow at midnight i know this is shit but i wanted to contribute ok sobs my babies are growing up so fast idek what my emotions are doing ugh jgfx
remember that time when alright louis stop playing around and get back here then zayn decided to join in because partners in crime look at them holding onto each other to make sure that the other doesn’t fall off (????) then we have harry asking permission to tag along because if louis ...
louis tomlinson 1k One Direction 1D I Promise this is the last one sydknee okay guys 1dc i ran out of things to do i thought maybe water but that's not in lt or ot or like color but lt is in black and white so i'm out of ideas if you have any lemme know but if not one direction collection complete
1k bitch stuff shit sorry for the quality but i had to ihy lauren jauregui fifth harmony fucking hair i can't find this in hd it looks like you just had sex it looks like she's drunk
1k Harry Styles One Direction ~ ^ *hs *1D i'm so sorry for the quality of some of these finding hd 1d videOS IS SO HARD this took me an hour and it's gonna get 2 notes i;m psising