• louis tomlinson is actually the most attractive person in the entire world and i can prove it with s... louis tomlinson One Direction don't look at me H E L P masterposts I AM OVERWHELMED i had to stop and get myself together a few times don't touch me morgan-ashleigh •

louis tomlinson is actually the most attractive person in the entire world and i can prove it with science 

100% science and 100% facts 

there is a 99.7% chance that sunbeams like louis tomlinson more than they like u #confirmed

when louis wears a blue it brings out his eyes and his hair and his makes his arms look BETTER THAN ANY OTHER ARMS i read that in a science textbook one time

they called it tomlinson’s law or something i swear girl scout’s honor LOOK MORE PRETTY BLUE

this counts i don’t care BLUE

there’s blue in his pajamas look i don’t make the rule take it up with science

“the universe created blue for this beautiful creature to wear” — a science book i swear exists page 42 paragraph #4

it never rains on days when louis wears blue i read that in a science textbook too and this picture was there to prove it SCIENCE and also TUMMY #proven

let’s move on

murphy’s law says that flushed cheeks + skin tight shirts + pink smiling lips + eye crinkles + louis tomlinson = the best thing anyone has ever laid eyes on (it was on wikipedia so it must be true)

arms and hair and SINGING are scientifically proven to make someone 100x more attractive than your faves sorry can’t argue with the facts

when will your faves ever? they won’t bc bill nye said so 

pondering the wonders of the universe aka himself

when you sing a star is born neil degrasse tyson told me so

“yeah i have wondered why my genes made me this way but who am i to question it i’m a singer not a scientist” —actual quote from actual louis tomlinson

show me a gif that is cuter than this YOU CAN’T because it does not exist 404 error

dna gave louis these legs and when dna does something you shut up and take notice these legs were crafted by SCIENCE what did you do today

in science weekly there was an article about how louis tomlinson’s smile is the best smile in the world i will scan the photos they used to prove it #science

how can u argue with this

“drink three glasses of milk a day and you too could have a smile that’s nowhere near as cute as louis tomlinson’s but at least u tried” — quote from that scientific article 

you try wearing a two toned pink shirt and tell me if you look this good i’m telling you guys it’s SCIENCE (or witchcraft) and also take a look at the peek of stomach and i’m guessing briefs that’s science too but oh yeah HIS SMILE :) :) :) i’m gonna die

louis tomlinson = peter pan and peter pan = louis tomlinson LOOK AT THAT SMILE AND HAIR AND GENERAL PIXIE-LIKE STATURE AND TELL ME I’M WRONG

more proof in case you missed it the first time here you go

did i say these were from scientific weekly i meant witch weekly that’s why there are gifs OBVIOUSLY just look at his smile and the added bonus of that beautifully crafted nose like when have you ever seen such a lovely profile 

no comment

i am a lot of crying because science is really beautiful 


people who look good in fluorescent lighting have been proven to be better looking than your faves CAN’T ARGUE WITH SCIENCE AND WHY WOULD YOU


his smile :( his teeth :( his neck :( i don’t like science anymore

it is a common myth that if you touch louis you will be graced with a smidgeon of his beauty and i’m just sorry to say that it’s not true so just feast your eyes on that smile and be blessed peasants

do you get the point now

do you

i am not the only person who believes in tomlinson’s law other people do too let me show you

louis is teaching these children the scientific art of being more attractive than everyone else and also how to be a really :( lovely :( human :( being :( and i’m not even going to get started on zayn in the background GOODBYE

liam agrees with me and so does yorkshire tea #confirmed and also #science

this little girl knows the truth

“louis tomlinson is really attractive” —these two people

these people tried to look directly at louis but it was like looking directly at the sun so they had to look away 

same harry SAME obviously harry took a few science classes good on u

harry i told you if you look directly into the sun at louis then YOUR EYES WILL BURN!!! you deserve it though so look on son just look on

it has been scientifically proven that everyone in one direction is in love with louis so idk what to tell you

yeah zayn i feel you science can be a bit overwhelming sometimes i know bro

shh liam just let dna be dna 

good liam you will get an A+ in science class this year

the point is that louis tomlinson is stupidly attractive because





there you have it kids do well in school and remember what you learned this day


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