• louis tomlinson wmyb gifs: * gifs: mv gifs: louis gifs: 2011 im so upset and it's so late in the night that i can't colour rightly also the 4th gif makes me want to rip my tits out tommosloueh •

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honestly the most annoying thing about this website is that unless you write out every single detail about your personal life everyone just likes to assume that u live a happy, pleasant, worry-free life without struggling with anything that could possibly hold you back and it’s like??? i’m not about...
louis tomlinson liam payne ** txf 1d gif seann miley moore kiera weathers seann was my fave I'm so upset he is gone rita and nick can go away mason noise shouldn't even be there I can't believe they chose him over seann f them
blood My art fan art digital art gf gravity falls gravity falls spoilers gf spoilers bill cipher weirdmaggedon part 3 spoilers take back the falls spoilers boy howdy im dead this took a bit longer than it should have and im not sure why these were going to be different but my plans changed cause they weren't turning out right i still love blood rain and im sure it'll happen for eternity in bill's spot cause that's how he rolls everyone has done a redraw of this scene during the day so that's why i wanted to do different ones- but tbh my favorite IS the day one ahahaha also I can't write oops! i also can't draw blood WELP
request parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt s4 4.01 parksedit look at her face in the 4th gif!!!! also this becomes much sweeter/sadder when you remember ben knew they'd have to break up at this point so he was just trying to do the sweetest boyfriend things for her while he still could
Miraculous Ladybug Theme - FRENCH Full
This is a long ass rant about how much I fucking love this song and if you are i...
media IM LAUGHING SORRY i know is hollywood life but still
5k crossover 10k *graphics opm mememe am i kicked out of the fandom yet *all one punch man Saitama Genos *mygraphics opmedit ME!ME!ME! *2015 my crossover lkajskdjklsa IM SORRY idec if i reused files i needed this on my blog (since i did the same edit with TG) and posting this kinda late but WTV and this ISNT MEANT TO BE SHIPPY LOL genos is simply presenting to you saitama's greatness (now imagine him doing the dance goodBYE) SORRY I MADE SAITAMA SMOKE BUT THAT WAS IN THE ORIGINAL GIF SO i spent an hour animating each letter of that text fldsjkfsdlj
*mine john mulaney The Comeback Kid the bill clinton story CAUSE HE NEVER FORGETS A BITCH EVER
MY EDIT star wars Obi Wan kenobi Anakin Skywalker swedit obviously mustafar crap with 'when your friend decides to betray jedi order slash when your friend talks about his new empire' plus higher ground does not count so it's not included anyway this probably was made million times but i've searched and i can't find anything like this and this meme is made for them and though this fandom terrifies me so much i shall photoshop the hell out of prequels upon rewatch feelings and you can't stop me (in a week time i'm free for 2 weeks so damn IT'S GONNA BE HELL OF RIDE IN PHOTOSHOP) also bury me in a fact obi took this daredevil attitude of his by the end of rots another happy landing sith lords are our specialty he's so cocky almost arrogant to anakin's i suggest patience like at some point this line between them got blurred as they grew into complete one being of glorious force and one took the habits nuances and behaviours of the other and the other way round you don't grow apart after forming union like this so they didn't and in the end ani followed him to afterlife hey ho
1k * mine edit leonardo dicaprio appearance 100 Premiere kleo kwinsletedit ldicaprioedit lowkey otp
my gifs pete wentz fall out boy mr. sandman suitehearts as usual the lighting in this video is horrible and makes not-whitewashing coloring to happen to mend the quality which is why so many gifs of the video are usually in black and white and i know people say if you can't 100% not whitewash then don't try at all and its not exactly the most inclusive when i desperately want to learn but am really paranoid about it