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“When I met my wife, I was at a point where I was completely OK with being alone for a very long time, free of lousy people. And literally out of nowhere, someone who’d I’d met four years ago when the band was a baby band, opening for her band, comes back into my life. We just picked up where we left off. It’s always when you’re not looking for it. I was totally fine, and then I get hit over the head! It was like getting hit by a truck.” – Gerard Way.

“I want this song to go out to my wife, who I love with all my fucking heart!” — Gerard Way (introducing ‘My Way Home Is Through You’.)

Interviewer: What makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?
Gerard: Definitely Lindsey.

“My husband and my baby, my two biggest inspirations.” – Lindsey Way.

“I had a discussion with Lindsey about [the new album] and I was like, ‘Wow, all this stuff I’m writing is kind of full of hate. I don’t know why that is.’ She’s like, ‘Cause you’re happy.’” — Gerard Way.

“Sitting on the couch with Lindsey and watching a movie is the best way I can spend my spare time, and hanging out with the baby. That’s it.” – Gerard Way.

“I’ve always had bizarre, negative feelings about anything traditional, like marriage and family. I never thought something like that worked. But I love it, it’s way better than anything I ever thought. And I think it really boils down to finding the right person - you don’t care what you used to think.” — Gerard Way.

“I grew up never meeting my father so to be able to have a child with such an amazing, funny, thoughtful and beautiful person and to know that this kid is going to have him as a dad is the best feeling in the world. I never knew what real love was until I met Gerard and now I get to love two people that much. It’s overwhelming in the best way possible.” – Lindsey Way.

Interviewer: Do you [and your wife] argue about anything?
Gerard: My God, we’ve never… Oh, oh. Biggie versus Tupac. When we got married, it was the only music we argued about. I really like Tupac. She has the same birthday as Biggie… She’s very into Biggie.

“I think meeting somebody, um, really special and amazing that I wanna share my life with is the greatest thing to happen. And that’s, bar none, the greatest thing.” – Gerard Way.

“My husband and I always make each other presents for Christmas. A couple years ago, I made him a big diorama out of paper, and I just loved it so much. It was so fun and challenging to make something interesting out of the most mundane materials, and he loved it. Every time someone came over our house, they’d be like, ‘Where the hell did you get this? This is so cool!’” – Lindsey Way.

“I don’t know that I ever thought about having a kid. But then I also didn’t expect to meet Lindsey, and when I met her I knew she’d be the one person I could have a kid with.” — Gerard Way.

“Married life is so fucking amazing. Especially being in a relationship that I only thought could be a fictional thing. It’s like knowing that there’s always somebody out there, and that’s something I’ve never known.” — Gerard Way.

Interviewer: Is music a daily conversation between you and your wife?
Gerard: Absolutely. Yesterday we spent the day talking about Duran Duran.
Interviewer: How does that fill an entire day?
Gerard: I talked about how the band was relevant when it came out, then wasn’t at all, and is now relevant again. Their lyrics are about power, greed, sex, desire, control. It was relevant then in a period of excess. We’re in a period of excess again. My wife and I, we’re trying to figure all this stuff out.

“We just had a beautiful baby girl. I wanna thank her for marrying me and helping me make that beautiful baby girl. This song is really depressing so I’m not going to put this one out to her but you’re beautiful. Thank you, I love you.” – Gerard Way.

“There’s certain songs that are always going to be connected to my wife now simply because of the tour we’ve been on together and how much more of a meaning she gave me to fight again, and keep doing it again, so there’s so much of that, I remember sitting in a desert with her writing ‘Na Na’ and so I think of that when I’m up there, I think about her saying ‘Take the risk, not the money’. I think about that.” — Gerard Way.

“My mother played The Carpenters a lot when I was growing up. Karen Carpenter’s voice is so haunting and beautiful. I still listen to them from time to time because it reminds me of my mum and when I’m sad I make my husband sing this song to me. It works every time.” – Lindsey Way.

“My wife totally backs the way I am on stage, that’s one of the amazing things about her.” – Gerard Way.

“I started the band as a form of therapy, but also because I was searching for something. I got in that van, and I wanted to see the world. I was looking, looking, looking and looking for something, and it turned out Lindsey was exactly who and what I was looking for.” — Gerard Way.

Interviewer: Who do you miss most when on tour?
Lindsey: My husband.

“We make a part of each other come alive. It’s, like, when you’re in your 20s, you’re just getting used to the dating thing and you’re hiding your comic books, but then you meet that person one day that you can show your comic books to. I think that’s what we do for each other: we make it so we can take the guard down.”  — Gerard Way.

“Sometimes it’s not about the family you are born into but the family you create.” – Lindsey Way.

Interviewer: Does [Lindsey] walk around with Chanel heels and all that?
Gerard: No, she basically dresses like the female version of me.
Interviewer: You found her!
Gerard: Yeah, we basically both wear old heavy metalshirts and jeans everyday.

“Lady B gets more beautiful every day. How is that even possible? Must get it from her dad…” – Lindsey Way.

“I was never an avid comic reader. I do love all things Al Columbia, which is odd because he’s sort of obscure, and he happens to be one of my husband’s favorites. I tore out a piece of his comic and had it framed in my apartment for a decade. Gerard saw it and lost his mind. “How do you know about this comic?” “Why do you have this hung up in a frame?!” I just always loved it and it really spoke to me. I know very little about comics, but somehow I had found someone very important to him and hung it on my wall. Life is funny that way.” – Lindsey Way.

“I actually have a life now when I go home, and it’s an amazing life. I love that I have a best friend I can share it with, who I can work with and hang out with.” — Gerard Way.

“She’s just so amazing. She’s an amazing fine artist and I’m lucky and proud to be married to her.” — Gerard Way.

“A big source of my inspiration is my wife, Lindsey, and my daughter, Bandit, and my band. They’re my best friends and my brothers and they really inspire me.” — Gerard Way.

“Finding someone special means you can truly be yourself. I was pretending for a long time. It’s hard to feel confident. But when you find someone you can open up to, you suddenly feel free and everything looks better. You hear a Mariah song on the radio and you’re like, ‘Wow, this is awesome!’ I smile a lot more these days.” — Gerard Way.

Lindsey: When I found out we were playing with [Gerard] I started jogging.
Gerard: I started dieting.

“I want to thank my beautiful wife for creating with me the most special little person I have ever met.” — Gerard Way.

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