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  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:in the movie high school musical three, troy bolton is considered for a scholarship at juilliard, one of the best music schools in the entire world. troy is not only confused because he did not submit an application to the school, but also because he has never even heard of it. now, how can a well educated high school senior not even know the name juilliard, let alone be considered for a scholarship there? along with this, what could juilliard possibly be considering troy bolton, the star basketball athlete, for? as we have seen in the earlier high school musical films, troy bolton has performed only once in high school for the spring musical his junior year. how could this one event amount to such reclaim, when others who get into juilliard have worked relentlessly in the arts all their lives? finally, we later discover that ms. darbus has submitted an application to juilliard on troy’s behalf. not only is it very unlikely (and perhaps illegal?) for a public school drama teacher to submit a college application for one of her own students, but also rather impossible once we break down the facts, drawing our attention to the reality of college applications and juilliard specifically. one detail that stands out amongst others is that juilliard requires an audition in person, which we know troy did not participate in. another detail that automatically makes troy ineligible is that applications for juilliard, according to the website, are due by dec 1st. we know that high school musical 3 is recording troy’s second semester of senior year and his preparation for the spring musical. that means troy’s application was most likely very late… (however it can be argued that ms. darbus sent it in first semester of senior year). lastly, though, we cannot forget the infamous “college essay” that accompanies most applications, and juilliard is no exception. we know that troy did not write an essay for a school he never knew existed, so we must assume that ms. darbus wrote one for him herself. in conclusion, it is completely unfair, and also extremely corrupt, that troy bolton is even being humored by such a prestigious institution.
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