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I just want a guy who will love me endlessly. That guy who is brave enough to tell me honestly what he thinks about me. A guy brave enough to tell me what he really feels. I just want a guy who will see me as who I really am but will still love me in the best way he could. I want a guy who will treasure me like I’m the most precious jewel ever. I want a guy who will protect me and who will take a good care of me as if like I’m the most fragile glass.

I just want a guy who will be proud to have me. I want someone who isn’t afraid to tell the world how much I mean to him. I want a guy who can see my flaws but still love me. I want someone who knows how imperfect I am and how often I commit sins and mistakes but still for him, I’m perfect.

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People just don’t seem to get it. ‘I love you’ does not mean you belong only to me and I’ll share you with no one else. It means that even i...
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Please, no matter how clingy and possessive your girl is, do treasure her. Do try to understand where she is coming from. Don’t do thi...
  • Him:I will never get tired of you, I promise.
  • Her:No, don't promise me that because you don't know yet what it's like to stay with me. You are not aware of my mood swings, of how often I degrade myself or blame myself for being left behind all the time. You have not been exposed to my dark side, that side of me which eats up all the happiness I am bound to feel, that side of me which leaves me empty and hollow inside every night. You don't know how depressed I am, or how often I struggle to not become a burden to the few people who managed to stay even if it hurts them, even if it's hard. I am a difficult person to deal with. I mess everything up every time. I shut people out. I push them away. So stop telling me all those promises because even I get tired of myself sometimes. What kind of assurance can you guarantee me that you won't?
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No, you just can’t say “I love you” to a person you don’t love. No, you just can’t hold someone’s hands ...
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I pushed you away by pulling you too close. Didn’t I?
Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person. It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can.