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love fun feelings sadness keep smiling

Wow…I didn’t expect THAT high number of views for that! But cool!!! :)))

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gif ron weasley harry potter Hermione Granger one year this song turns me into an emotional wreck every time O N E YEAR how fast does the time go??? it feels like only yesterday i was walking into the cinema and sobbing before it even started can we go back? ;~; that last gif of hermione laughing and ron looking at her AND JUST UGH IF HERMIONE IS PLEASED RON IS PLEASED HE DOESN'T CARE IF SHE JUST MADE FUN OF HIM AS LONG AS SHE'S HAPPY and harry's just found out that death eaters are out to get his ass but nothing matters because his two best friends are in love and they're happy so he's happy too many feelings :( oh and school starts again today :(
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