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Okay, sorry for making a lot of posts about this, and I mean no disrespect, but I just wish to point out a few things about your points of why Homestuck is evil.
1. Misrepresentation of God
In Homestuck, the closest thing to this that I can think of is the title of “God Tier”. This only means that they have hit the highest level that they can achieve in the game, not that they are a god. It means that they cannot gain any more in their physical strength, and to grow into a better fighter and to survive, they must now work on their wits and strategy to not be killed. Remember, they are in a video game- and god-tier is like being at level 463 while all of the people trying to murder you are at level 2.

2. Misrepresentation of God’s power
The closest thing I can think of, yet again, is the “God Tier” situation. This is only a title, however, not to be taken literally. But, what’s a good action video game without having super cool powers to help you on your quest and keep you alive? The game was designed to appeal to the kids, after all, and that would surely have any kid hooked on the promise of being able to jump through time or fly, or something equally as awesome. Try and convince me you’ve never ever in your entire life wanted to fly with the birds. :)

3. Joking about God’s power
Please, never in Homestuck is God (as in the all mighty), nor even religion in general, is really mentioned, let alone mocked. 

4. Misrepresentation of the Bible in general
Ma’am, I regret to inform you that, for something to be a misrepresentation of anything, it has to be about what it misrepresents. And I will say now, Homestuck is not about the Bible. It’s about a video game, and the four kids who play it. Not the Bible, not God, not the Holy Trinity. It’s about a video game. There is no Noah building an arch, no Garden of Eden, no splitting seas or crucifixion. Just. Kids. Playing. Video games.

5. Seems to revolve around it’s Satanic plot line
As an aspiring author, I think the fact that this was mentioned tick me off the most. Why? Because all stories revolve around their plot line, Satanic or not- and Homestuck’s plot line is not Satanic. Just because there are snakes (that are actually cherubs, but I will get to that later), superpowers, and people with horns, does not make it Satanic. That just means it’s fiction.

5. Satanic-like character
Wow, if I had a dollar for every time this idea was used against Homestuck, I’d be a very rich girl. So, I’ll got my point now- Just because they have horns and gray skin, does not make them Satanic. It just means that they are not human, and they aren’t. They are a species called Trolls, like the ones from mythology. There are only a few ones we meet, but they are rather human like (albeit the first group’s culture is a bit violent, but our real life cultures can be just as bad, and a lot of species of animals have it worse). They’re just different is all, and it’s pretty cool to think that one man could make up such an intricate back story for their kind- they are a race even in the story, with a tremendous story behind them. The 24 we meet are based off of the zodiac(two for each sign), and are very well characterized in the way we read our zodiac fortunes in teen magazines for kicks. And since they are seemingly based off of these little excerpts in zodiac myths, we can find ourselves relating to them, as if they were real people.

6. Satan worshiping glorified
Okay, that’s one character, and he’s kiiiinda off. I mean, look at Kurloz’ story- He accidentally deafened his lover in his sleep, and he felt so miserable over it that he stitched his own mouth shut so he could guarantee he would never hurt anyone with his voice again, and after that he and his lover’s relationship was never the same. Ever hear of guilt driving people mad? Also- the thought he was doing the right thing. He wanted to make it up to Meulin(his deaf lover) for hurting her so badly, and he was only trying to help. And at that, they weren’t even worshiping Satan. He was pretty much praying to his deceased ancestor for help on healing Meulin, and he required her help in doing so(or at least that’s how I interpreted it).

7. Contracts made with the Devil
Okay, I have noclue where you got that, and I’ve re-read Homestuck twice, but I’m pretty sure that that did not happen at all.

8. A character claiming to be God
We’ve already gone over God-Tier stuff, so I guess it’s time to do a check up on the Ancestor’s story. I’ll try to sum it all up in the most human way possible, and see if this story catches your interest in any way:

It starts with a young boy a very long time ago (let’s say it’s around 1200 A.D), who was abandoned by his caretaker due to a defect he had that made him different enough to be feared. A young lady who could not give birth to her own child found him, sitting alone at night in the rain. She saw his crying and realized he was alone, and she took him in. She raised him with all of her love, as if she were his own birthed child, and he treated her with the respect every young child gave their mother. They were a happy family, until a new leader came to be. The leader caused much havoc- killing peasant after peasant, torturing and destroying families just for fun. His mother did her best to keep the young boy pure, and told stories of the years before this ravenous ruler came to be. As the young boy grew, so did his determination to try and bring the land in his mother’s stories back to life- and so, he did. He’d go out in public, before all, and he’d release speech after speech in an attempt to rally the public into a rebellion. At his first speech, however, a young girl caught his voice on the wind and followed it to him, where she found herself entranced in his words and tales of a fear-free life. She begged the boy to let her join him on his quest to end the tyranny they were being suffocated under, and he complied. It wasn’t long before those two fell in a love that surpassed all. The group of now three, the boy, his new love, and his mother, traveled all over, preaching the ideas of freedom from death by the ruler, and slowly he gained more of the people’s trust. The girl, now a woman, took every word he said and wrote it down in her journals, copying story after story and spreading it over the kingdom like fire over a field after a 3 week drought. They made another friend along the way, a boy who had a special ability to create a psychic power like electricity. The four friends- no, family, traveled together non-stop, while the word traveled. It eventually hit the point where they needed not to even travel to spread word- people traveled to them to hear! But one day, the ruler heard of this. He gathered his highest of royal blood, and formulated a plan to extinguish this now, before it was too late. One royal, however, boldly stood up and spoke of how she agreed with these ideas. She was executed shortly after, however, by means of hanging by a royal who made her plunders by seas. However, one of the highest of royals saw this as an opportunity to expand her power, and set her eyes on the young psychic. Our group of four was ambushed and taken to the capitol. The high royal took the psychic and used his powers for evil- she attacked a lower royal, with him as a weapon. The mother was executed. But the two lovers- their story ended more violently. The boy was hung by his wrists by red-hot handcuffs, and was shot by a skilled bowsman, while the royals exploited his defect that got him where he was, and forced his lover to watch him die slowly and painfully and humiliatingly. When the man we call our hero finally died, she flew into a rage. She lashed out at the ruler, then grabbed her lover’s garbs and fled. Enraged, the ruler sent the bowsman after her, and demanded she was killed. He did, indeed, hunt the girl. He tracked her to a small cave, where he found her crying and mourning her loss. Something about her seemed different to him- while she had been known to be a calm, collected follower the the hero, she now seemed a feral, raging mess. He looked down to her and felt something he’d never felt before, what he’d thought was pity. And so, he let her go, and returned to the castle, claiming the job was done. Word of the man’s execution spread quickly, and lead to an all out rebellion. A war between royals and peasants commenced, and the royals, heavily out numbered, fell. And then, the land our hero spoke of in his stories was real. No more slaughter, no more losses- all was free. Our hero had done it- he had won.


9. Redundant situations
I hate to be the one to say it, but nothing in Homestuck is redundant. Ever. That’s, like, the first rule of Homestuck- no matter how small a detail it may seem, it’s there for a reason. It makes you think about it, and you need to be ready for every single situation that may follow suit. Also, just because a few things may be seen as redundant, that does not make it a sin. Half of our lives are pretty much redundant- I’m pretty sure we could go without that one quiz on matrices in Algebra class, when it’s only really a need-to-know thing if you’re planning on being a mathematician. 

10. Treating the Bible and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ as if it’s a joke
Okay, that literally never happened. Honestly, it never did. And if I’m wrong on that, please correct me and tell me which page number it’s on.

11. Snakes, a symbol of evil, fornicating representing lust
They actually aren’t snakes- They’re cherubs. And not all snakes are evil. Haven’t you seen the post about the two puppies who fell into a well, and the cobra that protected them from harm until the three were rescued? And plus, even if they were snakes- they aren’t human. Snakes are animals, and animals don’t really abide by the whole “marriage” thing, only humans do. Heck, there’s only a few animals that mate for life. Either way, in the story, cherubs do not really do marriage either. Hey, it’s Hussie’s story, he can do what he wants, but remember- Homestuck is a fictional comic- and a rather silly one at that!

12. The fact that Gamzee, one of Lord English’s minions, has a child out of wedlock
Well, technically, he doesn’t do any of that. He’s not one of Lord English’s minions. Heck, no one even knows who Lord English really is. He’s just sort of there. And Gamzee doesn’t have a child- he takes a child in after xe has been abandoned, and cares for xer. Sure, Gamzee isn’t married, but trolls don’t really do marriage either. Cultural differences, what can ya do?

13. Mocking those who suffer from disability, as if one of God’s creation (talking about real people with these disabilities, not characters) are less worthy/valuable. 
I’m going to stop you right there.

Pardon my language, but that is absolute bullshit.

If anything, these things make it easier for us to relate to them. Let’s make a quick little list of the disabilities the characters have in the story have.

  • Paraplegia 
  • Anger Issues
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Lisping
  • Genetic mutations similar cancer
  • Autism
  • Blindness
  • OCD
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Inabilities to control strength
  • Drug dependency due to mental ailments
  • Stuttering
  • Heavy stresses
  • Addictions
  • Heavy brain damage
  • Missing limbs
  • Deafness
  • Muteness
  • Missing parents
  • Alcohol dependency
  • Depression
  • Scizophrenia
  • Multiple Personality Disorder

Forgive me if I missed anything. Honestly, though, look at the variety. It doesn’t mock anybody in the slightest- in fact, it shows us that nobody is perfect. Hussie made sure that nobody at all was left out. If you want real proof, look at all the people in cosplays- amputee’s can cosplay as quite a few characters. Wheelchair? No problem! And by far, one of the cutest stories by far, that always brings tears to my eyes, is the blind girl who could cosplay as Terezi and actually relate to her, not as just a character, but someone who has walked her road before. No one is made fun of, no one is left out, and no one is left behind- because we all have that one character we can relate to. In fact, I happen to relate to a lot of them- I am autistic, I have ADHD, I was mute for quite some time, I have severe depression and schizophrenia, I’m blind in one eye, and to top it all off I literally hate myself. We all have that one character we can see deeper into than the others, the one we can see into the mind of, because we’re nearly exactly like them. The one who makes us feel like we aren’t ever alone, especially for those who’s sexuality makes us feel like god would never except us. We know that we have that one character who would. 

s0 when we h0mestucks are feeling d0wn,
we know that we can alway2 come back two home2tuck,
:33< it nefur matters how diffurent you are, beclaws people can s33
That In Reality, You Aren’t Really All That Different From Everyone Else.
because we homestucks stick together!!!!!!!! :::;D
D-> As friends, we 100k out for each other, and help one another out.
AnD wE aLwAyS kNoW hOw To MaKe A mOtHeRfUcKeR fEeL wAnTeD :o) 
and wwe’ll alwways be here for each other, no matter glubbin wwhat

Don’t hate until you’ve tried it. Of course, you probably wouldn’t care to even try, and will continue to hate on our family blindly due to your fear of God. I know I’m honestly already going to hell, but if I’m going to hell for liking HOMESTUCK, I’m gonna have one fucking AMAZING story to tell when I get down there.

So, if a Homestuck is ever in need, big or small, we always care for each other, just like you may do for one another in your church community. So, maybe we dress up in silly costumes, and enjoy the existence of a comic that you call Satanist, evil trash, but at least we are a bit more accepting of each other and are kinder than most. So, tell me now- and this goes out to EVERYONE:

Is our family still all that bad?

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