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What doesn’t kill you gives you EXP.

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What doesn’t kill you gives you EXP.
They don’t kill you unless you light them, Hazel Grace.
;_; my everything i love this picture so so so so much and i just want to leave it here... ive been looking for who took it for ages :( just in case that anyone knows... tell me so i can put the credits!! its super simple i cant even edit it too much actually i can barely edit it but i love it so so so much ive talked about this picture a few times already i dont know if i should tag it since i couldnt find the credits? im just gonna leave it here i have more pictures from this concert but this is the best one everything from this concert (videos/pictures) has bad quality and it hurts my heart
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Don't kill yourself, please.
If you’re suffering from depression and are looking for a sign to not go through with ending your life, this is it. This is the sign. We care. If you see this on your dash, reblog it. You could save a life.
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text dragon age anders meta long post it's finally done MAGE RIGHTS anders* *wheeze* IT'S DONE I've been working on this for like the last 5 days I still feel like I'm missing so much but I can't find it so fuck everything it's done I'll add more as it comes up haha christ though I hope you guys like it I even made a shitty edit in paint to avoid the 'reblog as link' issues wow this took entirely too long BUT IT'S FUCKING DONE mage rights masterpost