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love mine mac miller quote life text boy ariana grande crush ariana grande gif

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can we stop shaming adult women who look younger than their age? women who are short and women who have “baby faces” and women with big expressive eyes and women with flat chests/butts are still women. they didn’t choose their genetics any more than the angular supermodels who’ve looked 25 since the...
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Una chica puede ser amiga de alguien con pene y no subirse en el.
my gif ariana grande 2k ariana grande gifs those glasses tho?
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Me: omg I’m SCREAMING 
  • ariana grande:*awesome female role model never really has done anything bad*
  • ariana grande:*licks a DONUT says hates america*
  • chris brown:*literally punches Rihanna in the face*
  • media:ariana u need to apologize
  • media:*drops all radio deals with ariana*
  • media:*but literally moved past chris brown issue within a month and says he's changed and gone to counseling*
  • ariana:*apologizes several times*
  • media/yall:its still not enough!!! 63% of ur fanbase is American sweetie(: goodlu ck(:
when i see my crush watching and i pick up the pen i dropped
when you get dragged but you remember you have receipts 
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