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Use things, not people. Love people, not things.

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Use things, not people. Love people, not things.
You might not realize how much you mean to those around you and they might not realize either; show appreciation to those you love and be gr...
This entire planet is home. Staying in one city your whole life would be like never leaving the bedroom.
I water you, you water me; we grow together.
Don’t push me away and then wonder where I went.
I’ve been disappointed so many times, now I just expect people to fuck up.
The more you love yourself, the less nonsense you’ll tolerate.
The second you compare your life with another is when you become unhappy. Stay focused on you.
Once you learn how to create your own happiness, no one can take it from you.
Appreciate effort, sometimes you don’t know what they had to go through just to keep you happy.
The right person never stops showing how much they love you… especially once they already have you.
Never apologize to others for their misunderstanding of who you are.