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There is always something left to love.

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There is always something left to love.
I’m with you. No matter what else you have in your head I’m with you and I love you.
I want to talk with you forever. I remember every word you’ve ever said to me. If only I could visit you as a foreigner goes into a new coun...
Since I met you, I’ve felt abandoned without your nearness; your nearness is all I ever dream of, the only thing.
To him she seemed so beautiful, so seductive, so different from ordinary people, that he could not understand why no one was as disturbed as...
Angry, and half in love with you, and tremendously sorry, I turned away.
She had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, like when you’re swimming and you want to put your feet down on something solid, but th...
He’s so damned nice and he’s so awful. He’s my sort of thing.
But no matter how mad I’ve been, I never for one second stopped wanting you here with me.
The one I love is everywhere.
Love is the same as being lost. Except you don’t care that you’re lost.
I’ve been taught that love is beautiful and kind, but it isn’t like that at all. It is beautiful, but it’s a terrible beauty, a ruthless one...